Friday, February 4, 2011


Yes, I know it's crooked. You expected less?

While hunting for my camel stamp the other night, I re-discovered this sentiment, and, well, it needed to meet ink. Here's what I made with it:

I laughed so hard when I saw it, and I cannot believe I haven't used it yet! The alien/monsta is from MFT; the paper is Basic Grey Hopscotch; the brads are from a past SU Mini*; and the sentiment? I'm really bad about these. I think it's from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. I keep all my un-mounted stamps together, and they aren't marked with a copyright anywhere. (Life's tough all over.)

By the way, Viva Las Vegas Stamps is having their annual Super Bowl Sale, and since this is SB 45, you'll get 45% off your stamp order this weekend. When you're finished shopping, just View Cart and enter SuperStamp as your Coupon Code. Applies to all your Rubber, Grab Bags and Miracle Tape purchases! Sale does not apply to Bargain Basement or Other Goodies. I get a lot of my irreverent sentiments there. Caution: There is a risque section, so step carefully.

I have paper cut for 3 more of these, and then I'll move on to cards for next weekend's Stamp Camps. So far I have zero made. ;/

Thanks for stopping by!

* Those brads. Yes, I know the paper is sticking up. I failed to adequately secure it, and I was too lazy to take another picture. I'll take care of it tomorrow. Sigh.


  1. Yes, in fact, I think they DID forget to remove my probe!!! You find the best sentiments, Leslie :)

    wv: undom
    A kingdom, when undom, is simply a king.

  2. Bwah! That is hi-larious! I can't believe they makes stamps for this stuff! :)
    Too cute. Now if only I could give that card to my boss... !


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