Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #4 - Bird Hero

In this week's episode of Hambo Hoedown, I once again messed up and needed a do-over. Sigh. Last week's players got this cute "Bird Hero - digi" image:

... and this sketch:

Here is my "real" card:

This uses some Basic Grey wander papers. I thought they were PERFECT for a hero card, since they resemble city streets, and I immediately thought of our Men In Blue, like these:

Okay, these are firemen, not policemen, but they are wearing blue, and, um, did you notice I called this photo "eye candy"? Mmmm-hmmm. Not complaining. I sure hope they stop back this summer - it was a very pleasant diversion from all those boring vegetables... just sayin'.

So anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the sketch. That card above is my official entry for this week's Hambo Hoedown. I colored the bird grey, since I was thinking city birds = pigeons, and pigeons are a dirty grey. Then, of course, I got to the beak and realized - DOH! This isn't a pigeon! Sigh, I need a keeper. But I *did* enhance the "hero" medal by embossing it so it's shiny. :)

Now I'll show you what I made first... before I remembered it was a sketch:

I liked these BG euphoria papers - thought they looked like fireworks. AND, I was so excited to use some small pieces of papers I had left from the last time I used these papers ... that's when I remembered it was a sketch. But hey, I still made two more cards than I needed to, am I right?

In other news, I posted earlier today with three of the VSN cards I made last night. Before I make any more, I plan to work on my card for this week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge. I'll get started on that one as soon as I find a special single piece of paper in my stash. Uh-huh. Just one very special piece I know is in there, somewhere. Oh yeah, I'm busy, busy, busy. :)

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  1. When you tweeted "eye candy" I was expecting shirtless fire fighters! This is false advertising! :)

  2. note to bunny: WHAT?! you were picturing those gorgeous guys in leslie's pic WITH their shirts still on??!?!?!?! what's up with THAT??!?!?! :) :) :)

    totally TOTALLY awesome hero cards! my fave is the one with the map (i love that sketch, also! but they are both realllllllllly good and i predict will sell out TRES quickly!!!

  3. So very pretty, love the image and the cute. Thanks for playing Hambo Hoedown!

  4. I love your card; what a great idea to use those "map" type papers!! My card is almost a "train wreck". And tfs the photo of our guys in blue, wink wink!

  5. LOL...You just like to make two different cards each week! Thanks for playing along with the Hambo Hoedown!


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