Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am An I-D-10-T

For those of you not in the techy biz, I-D-10-T is a joke among some Helpless Desk staff when given as the problem code to a hapless caller. But last night I used it in reference to myself. I did.

So last night I posted some cutie-patootie dinosaur cards, and my bloggy and Twitter pal Mary Dawn pointed out a grievous error I'd made. In my post I muttered that I'd forgotten to color the dinosaur's tongue, and she pointed out it's not a tongue at all, but rather the head of a small child - as in "wearing a dinosaur costume", not as in "the dinosaur ate him". So I had another do-over:

I also had a major (MAJOR) mental shift, as I was thinking at least two of these cards would end up in the "Love" category, and the third one would be a good kid's birthday card. Nuh-uh. Do YOU think this is a Looooove card? Look at it now:

Nope. HOW DID I MISS that this is a kid in a dinosaur costume?!?!?

Here's the other Loooove card:

The birthday card actually still works:

And when I whined to Mary Dawn about having to cut out all those teef again, she pointed out they were white, as was the patch I'd be puttin on top of them, and I didn't need to cut them out.

I plead extreme fatigue. I do. But it's all better now. Well, except for the fact that I have no idea what kinds of cards these are. If you have a clue, please let me know.

Thank Gosh It's Monday!!!!! (I kid - where is my 5-hour energy drink?)

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  1. OH thank goodness,I thought it was another dinosaur being chewed up in that blue dino's mouth, until you zoomed out I was too focused. I think it would make an awesome birthday invite. As in, "your invited to join the wild things ".

  2. Why can these not be used with these sentiments and still be a birthday card or child card?
    When my son was about two he would have loved to be called a "loveosaurus".
    The "Rwar" one could even be a card given by a child to a grandparent.

  3. Ah, Leslie, my dear - I do so love reading your posts! Your self-congratulatory references (ahem...) are so refreshing, and I always feel like I'm in such good company by the time I'm done visiting your blog! All of your cards (VSN, VSN-inspired, dinos, kids in dino costumes, whatever...) are great fun and/or adorable and/or pretty and I think that challenges are good for you - you execute them so well!

    I agree with the other commenters that there's absolutely nothing wrong with using the dino cards with the sentiments as is...

  4. I think you can just cut the kid face out and have a dino ....or make a fake tongue and patch over the kid face and have it hanging out longer ala Gene Simmons. :)

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