Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #2

One of the places I get my irreverent sentiments is Hambo. Their Fractured Funnies are a hoot! So anyway, yes, I lurk on their blog. They've recently started a new challenge blog called Hambo Hoedown, and even though I didn't play last week (week 1), I've decided to play in week 2.

You could use any Hambo image, but I bought and downloaded this cute Eye Monster which comes with two sayings, one of which I used here:

This piece of paper from Primamarketing was on top of the "yet to be filed" pile in The Captain's Quarters, and I thought the pattern would be cute with this image. The dotted piece is the reverse side, and I declared the blue in the dots to be Marina Mist. The rest was coloring and futzing with the layout. The reason the main image is placed where it is is because I wanted that row of cute critters to show at the top of the patterned paper. And yes, I used "is is" in that last sentence.

I really, really, REALLY wanted to use red flock on the heart, but I only have pink and blue and brown and white. Boo. So I settled for this SU fine red glitter. It is everywhere now, so I bagged and tagged these guys right away (I made 3.)

OOPS! I forgot to add an extra heart. Amuse yourself for a second; I'll be right back. ... ... ...

Okay, here's my REAL card:

Phew! That was close. Thank goodness I still haven't figured out where to put that piece of glimmer paper from last month's Stamp Camps. ;/ Yeah, the reds are a bit different, but shhhhh! ... don't tell anyone.

Speaking of Stamp Camps, I need to go link this at the Hambo Hoedown blog, then get to bed. I have a full house tomorrow for both the morning and afternoon sessions, and I need my rest! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Heehee!! Super cute!! You are soo stinkin' creative. I love all your ideas and this one is no exception.

    Love the added glittery heart ♥ too! :)

  2. That made me SNL (snicker out loud). Cute.
    Oh, and btw I got your sage birdie card today, and can I just say it's even cuter in person! I love it! :)

  3. Oh, wow, that new paper is perfect for your Hambo monsta! Very cool and super fun :)

  4. Adorable! Love this Valentine! This would be pefect to give my future SIL! (think I'll just show him your card!) LOL!
    I will not check out the Hambo site, I will not...Thanks for the link!

  5. Super cute! LOVE the paper you chose. Thanks for playing with us at the Hoedown this week!

  6. Just lovin the monster!
    Colors are great!

  7. Good thing you added the extra heart! WHEW! Such a cute card...Thanks for playing along with us on the Hambo Hoedown Challenge!

  8. Yay, I'm so excited that you played along this time!!!! Your card is too cute - love the DP you paired him with!


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