Saturday, February 26, 2011

More VSN

I did another VSN challenge tonight because it meant I could use some paper I bought last year and still hadn't opened yet. The challenge was to use something kitchen- or food-related, and, well, I haz that.

This is the one I made first:

The paper is Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety, and I had to open the package to use it. Sigh. The colors are very bright, which may be one reason I'm not drawn to it - I'm more into the muted colors. But you'll have to admit those papers go very well with the Lockhart stamp, non? Actually, the sentiment is Lockhart, too. I even used some yellow baker's twine (baker ... kitchen ... just trying to stay with the theme, here...)

Then I spied some Hambo stamps, still not-yet-used, so I couldn't put them away, and I had to make this one:

(hee hee) Both stamps are Hambo, and I used more paper from the Garden pack plus some orange baker's twine. I really didn't intend to wrap it that many times, but I cut it too long, and heaven knows I don't need to add to the Miscellaneous Ribbon drawer.

I'll check out a few more of the challenges to see if I feel like doing them tomorrow, but more likely I'll work on some projects for my March Stamp Camps. So far, I've got nuthin'.

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  1. As always, I'm a great fan of the "peas" wordplay. Lovely card! But then you know you're my favorite stamper and so on and so on... ;)

  2. ♥VENI, VIDI, VEGGIE!!!♥
    (i came, i saw, there were AWESOME cards with peas and carrots!)

    these are FABULOUS missus, i was shocked reading the text that the stamps and paper were not made by the same co...they are SO VERRRRRRY PERFECT together!!! :)

  3. I really like the bright veggie cards!


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