Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pennant Birthdays

When I was a young thing, I liked Math. A lot. I took advanced Math classes and after-school math classes, and yes, I was a nerd. So even though, much to the embarrassment of my now-grown children, I can no longer add three numbers without a calculator, I still do NOTICE numbers. And patterns. And interesting things like just now when I went to create this post, I had 1,111 posts. Yes, this one is 1,112, but I didn't notice the number until it was cool, and 1,110 is not cool, where 1,111 is cool. Whatever.

Tonight I had plans to rescue a piece of paper from the UFO pile and make birthday cards. Yes, tonight. Why, was there something going on tonight I should know about? Football on TV? Really? Hmmm, oh, well.

So yeah, I was in the craft room and dug a piece of 12x12 paper out of the UFO pile. This piece of paper had four distinct 6x6 sections. Two were little rows of lines that reminded me of candles, and the other two were solid colors - one purple and one pink. I smelled "birthday".

You can kinda see the papers in this totally poor shot of the stamp set I used:

I wanted to use that pennant stamp, so I stamped it many times on both the pink and the purple pieces until I had enough pennants for two "happy birthday"s in each color. Did you now there are 13 letters in "happy birthday"?

After I stamped the letters in each pennant, I started to cut them out, and GAH! It was a fussy-cutting nightmare. What I am about to show you is real. Please do not adjust your monitor. My purpose in life is to expose the ugly, soft, messy underbelly that is the crafting table.

Here is a set of pink pennants cut out with the pieces still attached to each other:

And this is a close-up of the fussy-cutting:

This was the first of four sets to cut. I got lazy and did the rest of them like this:

Side note about that messy crafting spot ... I do change my grid paper, but usually only under two conditions:
(1) It is sticky with adhesive or has paint or pigment ink on it. That will destroy any card placed on top of it, so it has to go.
(2) It is so stamped over I can no longer see the grid lines.
Other than that, why waste good paper? I save the sheets from my Stamp Camps and use them in here. They look much better before I start working with them. This one is weeks old, but still not ready to toss. The end.

Wanna see what I did with all those GAH little pieces? Here you go:

Yeah, I need to adjust those pink pennants a little, but other than that, I think they came out just fine.

Remember that Math I mentioned earlier? Remember I said I stamped enough pennants for four cards? Remember how I said this piece of paper had 2 pieces with these lines on them? Why yes, I have two sets of pennants left over, all cut out and nowhere to go. Sigh.

In other news, I won an award! I did! One of my tweeps, @IamthePeachy1, posted her Super Blog Bowl Sunday MVP awards, and I got a mention in the Crafty section. Isn't it grand? -->

You should totally check out her Wednesday "Joke From My Daddy" posts. Hysterical, as is the rest of her blog.

And please check out my Crafty Pay It Forward post from earlier today. It should be fun!

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  1. wanna get even more fussy with that banner stamp?

    1 Stamp it on white
    2 Color each flag with a different color
    3 Stamp your letters
    4 cut out each banner
    5 string them on a thread (or bakers twine) with a bead between each flag
    I could go on
    but I think you get the picture
    Or you quit reading at line 2

  2. #4 should be
    " cut out each flag "

  3. i cannot help slightly wishing that the 1,111 thing had happened on 3-1-11...not that anything BIG is happening on that day, obviously! (whistles nonchalently!) :) :) :)

    i ♥LOVE♥ those pennant stamps...fussycutting nightmare notwithstanding... (i'd've just "LOST" the stamped string, cut the banner bits and attached some floss or ribbon to the back after...but you are a BETTER WOMAN than me!!!) ...these are FAB cards that will be snapped up forthwith!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  4. I like the card. That stamp set is adorable. What company is it?


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