Friday, February 4, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Week 6

Week 6 for The Jingle Belles! Whoot! This week's challenge is Baby, It's Cold Outside, in which we are challenged to use "scarves, mittens, hats, ear muffs ... or some fuzzy warm felt (or perhaps all of the above if you are so inclined)."

Here's mine:

Okay, I simply must tell you how very, very proud I am that this card came out exactly like I had it in my noggin. Scarves, mittens, hats, ear muffs, felt ... I thought I'd take one of my cute Kim Hughes Christmas Critters* and put ear muffs on him! But when I pulled out the largely un-mounted set and spied the moose, I knew what had to be done.

I stamped two moose, and whilst cutting them out, I ... almost decapitated one of them. Thinking back to my Stamp Camp with the Woodland Creatures card and the almost-decapitated deer, I added a scarf to hide the almost-wound. I also got out my Fun Flock and flocked up his antlers until they were good and fuzzy! Then, for extra credit bonus points, did you notice the paper has a row of mittens?!?!?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, this paper was still sitting at my feet, still not put away, and I used about 1/3 of it (baby steps). AND, the polka dotted piece is the flip side of the base DSP that was left post-trimming, so I am using remnants people, and not leaving any evidence behind! Double-whoot! AND, the Cherry Cobbler layers are cut from a piece of card stock I'd used as a mock-up for a box we made in November, so it is gone from the Healplet. Man, at this rate, I won't have ANY paper left by Spring.**

So there you have it - my entry for this week's challenge. Now if you'll exqueeze me, I have a VERY irreverent stamp that needs to meet some paper.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Not the name of the set, but I forget the name of the set, but it IS from Kim Hughes. And people, this set is old. Real old. It is not die-cut, so I had to find my rubber-cutting scissors.
** No paper left by Spring? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, I crack myself up. We have SABLE, people, SABLE. (Look it up in the Secret Decoder Ring in my left side-bar.)


  1. LOVE the moose - Kim should have designed him with the scarf, he just looks SO dapper that way!

  2. "supplies available beyond life expectancy"!!! BEST. ACRONYM. EVER. (except maybe "FUBAR" which is useful in completely DIFFERENT ways...if slightly rude...)

    ...but i digress...

    THIS is a "MOOSE-TERPIECE"!!!!!!!!!!! (ok sorry, but it HAD to be done... clearly...) :) :) :)

    seriously--the moose ROCKS, missus! the moose should *ALWAYS* have a scarf...and right now some of us are feeling a bit silly about displaying animals with KNITTED scarves since clearly a RIBBON one is what the trend-setting, well-dressed, hooved quadruped is sporting this season!!!

    ps: mega-bonus points for the mittens on the paper...and for much stash/heaplet reduction! ♥♥♥

  3. Did you see Kim Hughes came out with her own stamp line this week? (that's an old Cornish Heritage Farm set I believe) ... Your moose ear muffs cracked me up and your scarf covering the almost decapitation made me giggle ... and yes, I believe there are bonus points in there for that row of mittens ... thanks so much for joining our jingle belles fun.

  4. crap...yes crap....
    you're getting bonus points and I got nuttin....
    these challenges are hard. Mostly because they call for cute stuff. I really don't have any supplies at all for this one. no mittens.
    no hats
    I'm gonna be forced to do something drastic
    oh and thanks for the oh so lovely comments on my blog
    I blame the wine

  5. OMGOSH that mosse the the CAUTEST!!!!!!!!! I adore your card! TFS!

  6. Yes, I noticed the mitten paper, the scarf on the moose and the felt-like ears. You are going for the gold, aren't you?

    He is super cute, awesome sentiment, and I like that the ribbon treatment ties it up like a Christmas gift!

    I almost spit my drink out when you said you might run out of paper by spring. You make a lot of cards, but I think you buy more paper than you use...I'm not judgin', I'm just sayin' :)

  7. That reindeer is OH SO CUTE! Lovely creation!

  8. I LOVE YOUR MOOSE!! Not as much as I adore *YOU*, of course, but he is one cutie-patootie!! And how clever are you to give him his own ear muffs? Clever, clever, clever!! :)

    Love this card to the moon & back, my dear friend. And you. :) xoxo

    wv: pockless
    I had chicken pox...I was not left pockless. ;)

  9. Your card makes me smile - I love a good pun and it's a great card. Mr. Moose looks cute and isn't it nice when what you envision is what turns out?


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