Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not A Quitter

Hi. Me, again. Lookie what I just made:

It's based on this sketch from Limelight Papercrafts:

This is Sketch 66: Red Embellishments, but I wasn't entering their contest, so it's okay I didn't use any red. Plus, I forgot.

Let's look at that baby again:

1. I used a Melon Mambo layer in a fervent attempt to use up more of that very large stack of it I have.
2. I don't like chocolate - I really could live quite happily for the rest of my life without ever eating it again - but most everyone else on the planet likes chocolate, so I caved and bought this set.
3. I had the cupcake punch, but didn't NEED the stamp set. I was just going to punch out pretty papers, but then I wouldn't have those cool lines on the cupcake paper. So I got the set.
4. I have seen several methods to align your stamps on the acrylic block so they punch out properly, but the easiest I've found is to punch the whole thing from a piece of colored (not white or vanilla) card stock and put it under your acrylic block to use as a template. I eyeballed the stamp placement from above, then went back and flipped the template over onto the placed stamps to make sure it was lined up.
4a. I'll do a post with pictures, maybe tomorrow.
5. #4 showed me I should not attempt to align the candle stamp along with the cupcake parts. I stamped the candle separately and punched them out. If you need more than one of them, it's just easier that way, anyway.
5a. The candle and flame are very tiny and futzy. Be warned. But they ARE cute.
6. I was going to add some sprinkles on the icing with my white gel pen, but I forgot. :(
7. I colored all the stamps with markers. I did.
8. The dotted paper is from a SAB selection. Get it. It's yummy and bright.
9. No ribbon gave its life in the making of this card.

Sigh. I think I might be done. Yes, I am definitely done, for this evening, anyway.

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  1. Cute. I could live off of bread, cheese, and chocolate...well, maybe not. My doctor has me off ALL sweeteners except stevia (ick) and xylitol (I can handle this) because my recent blood tests are showing a strong trend towards diabetes in my future (bummer.)

    The polka paper is perfect too!!!

  2. Cute cute colours!!! I just ordered the chocolate stamp set...canna wait for it to come in! :)


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