Friday, February 18, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Week 8

It's Week 8 over at Jingle Belles Rock, and I am soooo happeeeeeeeeeeeee, because this week is a SKETCH! Aaaaand, for those who want to have a chance to win stuff (not me, I'm trying to get rid of stuff), you get a double chance, because this week the Belles are teaming up with Sketchy Thursdays for the sketch, and you can enter your card in both places! Sweet!

Here is our sketch:

As soon as I set eyes on that, I knew instantly what I would do, and I done did it when I got home tonight:

I have so. much. Figgy Pudding papers, in both the 6x6 and 12x12 sizes, that I knew it must be used. This is all Figgy Pudding, well, except for the irreverent sentiment which arrived in my mailbox JUST TODAY from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. It only presented a little bit of a challenge because of its size, but I persevered and slipped a few things left so it would all fit. AND, since the Belles let us be inspired by the sketch (to a point, I'm sure) I took a few liberties. The sentiment is bigger, plus I added a little something-something on the left to balance out all that stuff on the right and fill in the big empty on the white die-cut.

Want a closer look? Here you go:

That button is from an old margarine tub that holds some miscellaneous buttons I have in my Miscellaneous Embellies drawer, and I think it is a perfect match! Maybe if I'd taken a decent photo of the card you could tell, too. ;/

So there you have it - my entry for JBR 08. If you haven't already joined us, it's not too late! We play every week through November!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love those holiday sentiments that make me snicker ... and how perfect does that button coordinate with those lovely papers ... don't you love it when the plan in your head all comes together on paper ... thanks so much for joining us on our jingle belles journey.

  2. Ooo! Leslie! Your card is so pretty! I love the sentiment...that is my wish every Christmas!

  3. OH MY utterly loooooovely GOODNESS!!!!! this is *DIVINE* missus...i love EVERY SINGLE THING about it & i am glad you do too! the button is AWESOME...the sentiment *ROCKS*...the stars are tres, trrrrrrrrrrrres cool... (ok, see, i said, "i love every single thing"...and now you know i REALLY REALLY meant it!) :) :) :)

    (ps re "adapting" sketches: you'll have guessed that i am ALL FOR IT...being queen of "loosey goosey" myself! in this case, i don't even feel like you have taken "liberties"...just quite sensibly made the existing elements WORK FOR YOU, and brilliantly, at that!) :)

  4. This card has so much personality -- the stamp is a riot!! love it! Love how you've used the beautiful figgy pudding too. :)

  5. p.s. What is the capital of Maine, anyway? LOL!!! ;) ;)

  6. That is a great sentiment! How true.

    Love the card, it's got such a fun vibe - the colors are wonderful and it all comes together beautifully.

  7. Love your colors... and the sentiment can't be beat. Great card!

  8. Another stunning card! Love how you torn the edge of the paper for a really lovely effect. This DP is really BEAUTIFUL!! It's one of BG's lines that I never got...can you believe it? (shocking, I know!) This is a wonderful card, Leslie. I super, duper LOVE it!

  9. LOL...I LOVE that sentiment...absolutely LOVE it and your card is of my fav BG's lines!

  10. Great colors and I love, love, love that sentiment. Thanks for sharing the source - you've definitely enabled me!


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