Sunday, December 11, 2011

December VSN, Part First

This past Friday and Saturday Splitcoast had the December Virtual Stamp Night (VSN) challenges. They post a challenge an hour, and you have 45 minutes to do each one (not including photographing & posting). You don't have to do the challenges as they're posted, but you do have a deadline for uploading them all (usually by Monday).

This VSN's theme was Winter Wonderland, and all of the challenges related to Winter in some way. I thought I'd show you a few of the ones I've completed.

The first challenge was Give me the Warm Fuzzies! hosted by my bloggy and tweety pal Lydia of UnderstandBlue. She asked us to "Show me what warms your heart, your soul, your fingers or toes on those frosty nights!" Well, in MY world, that translates into my flannel jammies! When I switch from T-shirt & boxers to a long-sleeved T-shirt and flannel pants, it's Winter. I cannot wait to get home from work and change into my flannel jammies!

So I made this card for the challenge:

That's Ellie, from My Favorite Things. I flocked her jammies and her bunneh slippers:

They are so fuzzy! :) Note to self: do the pink first next time, as it sticks to the white. What a mess.

I'd also like to add that this card and ALL THE REST of the cards I made for VSN are 100% remnants. No virgin card stock was used here, people. And yes, I am very proud.

Then I remembered how both Lydia and I SQUEEEd when we first saw the SU stitched felt embellishments and how we both planned to hoard them. So I made a second card (it got its own 45 minutes) for her challenge, mostly because I could:

I loved how this one came together!

The next challenge was called There is no business like SNOW business where our hostess said: "My challenge for you is to incorporate a snowflake into your project. Use a stamp of a snowflake, a die cut, or get creative and make your own snowflake with paper and scissors."

My brain immediately went to my un-opened Memory Box snow flake die and my stash of Every Color glitter paper I may or may not have snagged at Mike's last year, and I made this:

Too. Stinkin'. Easy. I die-cut from the back side of the glitter paper and it cut like buttah. Even this intricate design just popped out of the sheet. I also punched a 1/4" circle from the blue and put it in the center of the layered snow flakes and topped it with a rhinestone. Here it is up close and personal:

So that's a taste of what I've been doing all weekend. I have a few more to share, but I'll hold those so I have something to show you tomorrow. :)

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  1. I'm loving all of these! I really like the simplicity of the snowflake!

  2. LOVE! that snowflake card is so pretty - love the blue sparkle paper.

  3. Ohh love all of these! I love those cute mittens too!


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