Saturday, December 31, 2011

Road Trip Report

I've just returned from a 4-day trip to visit a friend in CT. This trip had three purposes: drag me out of the house, visit her and the 1740s house in which she lives, and show her how to use a pile of crafty stuff she scored at a yard sale. This post will be about the house and a few adventures, and I'll do a separate one about the crafty part.

[Please excuse the fact that I used the word "cool" in almost every sentence here.]

For starters, here is the house:

This is the front of the house - the part built in the 1740s. In the mid-1800s the owners added an 'L' in the back. Here is part of it (the shorter part behind the main house):

The house and property was owned by the same family until 1996 when it was sold and the house was converted to a B&B. Being an old house, there are a lot of cool things about it that I love. For starters, check out this closet:

This was in my room - The Green Room (of course). I chose this room because it was on the main level and I didn't need to climb the very steep stairs. :)

A few other cool things are the ghost doors in all doors leading upstairs (and there are a few):

The purpose of these is so when someone dies upstairs, their spirit can get out. Seriously.

Also, check this out:

That's an old old old soapstone sink, and it's sitting on top of the original 1740s hearth stone. Before the addition was built, the kitchen hearth stone was "out back" and not part of the main house. This was to reduce the chance of fire for the wooden main house. When they built the addition in the 1800s, they enclosed the old kitchen and kept the hearthstone - just built around it. I think this is VERY cool!

One other feature: Indian Shutters:

See that handle to the right of the window? That whole panel slides over the window. There is one on each window. They slide on a track. Very cool!

A couple of other cool things ... there is a fish pond out back:

This is just one side of it, and you can't see the fish, but there are 8 fish - some koi, some regular pond gold fish, and all are named "Olivia", so we went out to see the Olivias. :)

The last house feature I'm going to share is her dogs. She works with the Malamute Rescue, so naturally she has Malamutes. May I introduce Charlotte:

and Benson:

I couldn't decide which pictures were better, so you got both, at no extra charge!

We were mostly slugs while I was there, but we did have one adventure that I caused. I needed to go get new glasses before the end of the year (nothing like waiting until the last moment, eh?), so we went to ... The. Mall. ... ... I KNOW, and I survived! But it took so long for the eye exam and getting the frames and stuff that I took my friend to Mystic for lunch. See:

We ate at the Ancient Mariner, and had the BEST potato & bacon soup and pastrami sandwich. It really hit the spot! The first thing that caught my attention when we walked in was their decorations:

Aren't these the coolest?!

Check out this drink that we did not have:

A Bloody Mary with LOBSTAH! OMG, I must go back!

Okay, that's enough road trip sharing. I'll post some pics of our crafty sessions next.

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  1. those doggehs are GORGEOUS! so is the house!

  2. What a great house. Especially like the Blood Mariner. Love lobster. TFS Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. Your trip looks SOOOO COOL!! ;) I'm so very glad you had such a great time. Yay!!


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