Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MFT Sketch - Tea For Two

Today I thought I'd try the new MFT Sketch:

And I opened and USED some of my MFT goodies to make this card:

The tea pot die and the letter dies are new; the layered labels and the numbers dies are old, but not necessarily used yet.  All the papers are remnants. All. of. them. And yes, I am very proud, again. :)

Here is a close-up shot of that tea pot, because there are a few things I need to tell you:

First, I didn't get the coordinating stamp set. I thought, "Pffth, I don't need another stamp set ... I can just cut the teapot out of one color, then cut the handles and stuff out of another color." Well, maybe. You can see what happened here. I cut the pot out of the red floral and also out of dotted vellum and layered them together. I also cut out some "parts" from the floral and stuck them on top, so effectively I have a two-toned tea pot. Eh, it's okay. And it weighs 5 lbs, too.

Second, please note that I cut a tiny piece from the Leafy Flourish die and used it as steam. I just glued it to the back of the spout. :)

Now about the letters and numbers ... I had that space at the bottom of the card and for the LIFE of me I couldn't figure out what to put there (yeah, yeah, shoulda gotten the stamp set ...) and then I stole the idea from the sample and used letters and numbers to stand in for Tea For Two (t 4 2):

The comedy here is me looking for the numbers that I just KNEW I owned, but ... um, er, maybe I put them away somewhere real safe, ya know? I finally did find them, and cut them out of the scrap left from cutting the tea pot.  Done. (Oh, look, the 2 is crooked. ;/ )

Next up: I plan to break open my new Paper Smooches goodies and get to work inking them up! I'm feeling a little "crabby". {wink wink, nudge nudge}

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  1. All that matters is that the recipient of this pretty card will feel super special. Crooked two, or not. *smile*


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