Saturday, December 10, 2011


In keeping with my cat theme, here is another card using a no-longer-virgin Magenta stamp:

I made it last night, but couldn't think of a sentiment, so there it sat until this morning. I actually had to look up how to spell "mrawr" and along the way I discovered its Urban Dictionary entry: Closely related to "rawr." Meant to be kitten-esque; sexy; fiesty. And I love that they use it in a sentence, too: That guy is so hot! Mrawr! Heh heh. I think it fits this image perfectly.

While we're on the subject of cats, lookie what arrived yesterday:

My 2012 Rachael Rossman calendar! Why is this so special? Not only is she an awesome painter, but I participated in her Kickstarter project (see the link at the bottom left of my blog) and my Koshka was included. Here's her painting:

I. LOVE. THIS. It's the eyes. RuffHaven was right - it's the eyes that get you. And by the way, the dog on the cover of the calendar is her dog Nikki. Koshka is in a square in January. :) So check out her calendar and if you want one, you can order at the bottom of her preview page here.

In other news, I'm playing in this weekend's VSN over at Splicoast - 16 challenges and I've done 4 already, so I'll post a few cards as I get time. So far, I've used ALL STASH! Whoot! BONUS!

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  1. lovely pic of Koshka :) what a great way to remember her <3

    love the MRAWR card too - cute image!


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