Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December VSN, Part Third (and Last)

Welcome to my third and blessedly last installment of VSN show-and-tell. This next challenge was Doorway to Narnia, where we were asked to: step into your wardrobe in your spare room, and find inspiration in there.

First of all, I don't have a spare room. My teeny tiny condo is so small I live in the small bedroom and the big bedroom is my craft room. So technically, the big bedroom is my "spare" room, but I thought it would be totally unfair to step into a crafty closet for inspiration whilst others were looking at piles of sleeping bags and camping equipment, know what I mean?

But since I ALWAYS follow directions (hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha) I opened the closet in my craft/spare room and gazed upon the supplies therein. I remembered the day(s) I emptied that closet of real closet-kinda stuff, painted it (yes, I did), hung Elfa shelving, and lovingly stacked all my crafty stuff on the shelves. It's a beautiful thing. I sighed deeply. I love that closet.

But waaaaaaaay at the top, where I'd need a ladder to reach, I have boxes. Boxes of things I may never need again, but refuse to give away. One or two of these boxes contain shoes. Shoes, as in pumps - high heels - objects of pain and suffering in my world. I wore them back when the dress code was very strict and we had to wear suits and ties and nylons and heels. You know, h3ll. Thank goodness for Business Casual. I gave away ALL my dresses and I ain't going back. But I have the boxes of shoes. So shoes it was.

Here's my card:

I was pretty proud of this one. I even used pinking circles to accentuate the idea of pain. heh heh Here's that sentiment up close:

So, so true. I even went over the shoes image with a Versamarker and clear-embossed them to be shiny. I had time - still within the dreaded 45-minutes limit:

One more done, and again: all scraps.

The next challenge I did was Walking in a Winter Wonderland, where we were asked to create your own winter wonderland scene. When you think of winter what sights give you that heartwarming feeling that only winter can bring?

Me? I like being inside looking out. I also thought of the two window dies I hadn't opened yet, so one of them was destined to be used on this card. Scene ... I needed a scene. Well, duh! Lovely As A Tree - what else would anyone use for a Winter scene? Seriously.

So here's my card, then I'll tell you the tale of woe:

I started with a white window, and it's still there, under the wood one. After I'd stamped the trees and put the white window over it, it was boring. (remember: tick tock, 45 minutes) What to do, what to do. As I thunk, I spied that felt deer still out on my table, and decided he needed to be in my Winter scene. Now he was thicker than the window pane - virtually inside the house! ACK! (tick tock)

Then I spied a scrap of craft wood on my desk (yes, people all this stuff really is on my desk) and cut another window. Then I took a piece of the plastic sleeve in which the die had been packaged, taped it to the back of the wood window, lined all 4 sides with strips of Dimensionals, and layered it over the white window. I now had a window pane with real "panes" in it, and Bambi was once again on the correct side of the glass! WIN! (tick tock) Here you can see the two windows stacked up:

That sentiment is layered on a piece of green that doesn't even match the paper, but it was textured and it was on top and it made it to the card front. DONE!

(Are you tired yet?)


This last challenge I did was Winter Sparkles, where we were asked to make your entire image panel sparkle!! The technique is to use loose glitter to cover your panel. And no Stickles or glitter glue allowed!

Here's my card:

I grabbed one of my snow globe cards, stamped a Paper Smooches Snow Dude on it, and colored him with Copics. I then covered the globe part with my glue pad, and dumped SU Dazzling Diamonds onto it. SO SPARKLY!

I messed up the sentiment and since that old tick-tock thing was happening, I opted to use part of a formerly destroyed snow globe card (Whaaaaat, don't you keep your failures to reuse later? Uh-huh. Thought so.), re-stamped a different sentiment, cut it out and stuck it over the bad sentiment. I added some snow flake images to try and distract you from the cut-out sentiment.

See how sparkly he is:

I cannot believe I've never used this technique before, but I promise you I'll be using it again.

That's it. Well, I did attempt a few more challenges, like the Telescoping Card one, but I failed miserably and ran out of time. By the way, hearts don't telescope well.

Thank you for reading this far! And I hope you'll join in the fun for the next VSN (whenever that is). I'll be sure to alert you! The more, the merrier!

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  1. How did you manage to out-dazzle each succeeding card? All three are fabulous. You go! *smile*

  2. They are all wonderful - good save on the window card. That little deer is adorable. Love the sparkle on the snowman! I totally agree with the sentiment on the first card, too. I have some heels somewhere, in a box, that no longer fit and I don't own a single dress, either. And don't care. I just don't go to events that require one.

  3. more great cards!! are you cutting the craft wood with the Big Shot or ???

    Love the snowglobe - but NO STICKLES?? gah. i heart the stickles...

  4. These cards are just so awesome! I love the tales that you put with them because they make me just shake my head in agreement about all my tales.


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