Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carving homework - Bracket Stamp

Last night I carved the next stamp in our lesson series - a square bracket:

We had the option of cutting down the outer part to just outside the image, but I know me pretty well, and although it was part of our lesson, I took the other option and left it intact. There's one in every class, right?

Here's the card I made using my new stamp:

Yes, the original image was symmetrical. No, I didn't trace it very well (it was 10 pm, people). Yes, I'm calling it "rustic". 

I followed the current Sweet Sunday sketch:

Now I need to tell you about the parts-is-parts I used. That sentiment is stamped on a banner I cut out of a piece of craft wood. I got this idea when looking at links tweeted from the floor of CHA*, and they showed packages of wooden banners with sentiments on them. HELLO! MFT die + wood + stamp + ink = FREE! Hmph.

The papers are from my still-out Memory Box valise pack. The flower has been on my desk for weeks, just waiting for the right project. Oh, about the stamped image... I stamped it on vanilla and cut it out by hand (it's rustic, after all) then stamped a not-yet-cleaned mesh background stamp over it (had a little red on it), then stamped over it again with River Rock - SOMEONE STOLE MY CRUMB CAKE INK PAD! Grrr, Can't find it anywhere. (See what all you neat people miss out on?)

So there you have it! Now I need to go upload my homework so Teach can critique my work.

Thanks for stopping by!

*CHA = Craft & Hobby Association. All the stamp and paper and embellishment companies get together and show off their new stuff. As of now I need most of it. This one doesn't allow the public in. Some of them do, and OMG, I am so not going, ever. Can you say "enablement"? I don't need help with that.


  1. How amazing! I'm totally in live and because of your carvings, I now want to create some of my own!

  2. ok. you are temping me. I didn't bring any stamps with me this time. I might have to carve a few

  3. How fantastic! I love that you just made your own stamp, that is so fun! Fabulous job with the sketch - love the bracket :)


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