Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Banners for OWH

I don't know about you, but I used to be on Pinterest, then I quit because I kept forgetting to use it. I don't need another time-suk in my world. Then for some reason I reactivated my account and got back into it again. I find I pin mostly cards for ideas, and the occasional recipe I must try, but that never turns out as good as the photo looked, so I've pretty much stopped that. So yeah, it's mostly cards.

Then, of course, you spend all your time pinning the cards you aren't making, right? So last night I said, "ENOUGH!" and I went into The Captain's Quarters and got busy. I ended up making 15 cards for OWH, who are now in need of Valentine's Day and general Love cards. Here's the first one I made, then I'll explain:

It all started with those banners. Yep. I have seen several cards with banners similar to this, with variations on how they topped the row of banners and how they did the sentiment. I opted to open my 12x12 pack of Echo Park Dots & Stripes Jewel patterned papers that came with my last order from Simon Says Stamp. Yeah, I only buy 6x6 pads any more, and I missed that these papers were 12x12. ;/ What else could I do but hack into them?

So I cut several 3/4" strips from 5 different papers, then cut those randomly into shorter lengths. Yes, I did that on purpose. I used a 1" square punch to notch the edges, mostly lined them up on the card front, and then cut a 3/8" strip of Kraft to use as a border. I stamped the sentiment, rounded the bottom corners, and started the white faux stitching. As I stitched, I thought to myself, "Self, this is not a good plan for mass-production." Sigh.

I made 4 more of those (minus the faux stitching and rounded corners), then took a break. Must. preserve. the. back.

For my next 5, I used this sentiment:

... then I took another break.

Then the final 5:

And then I rested.

The banners aren't perfectly perfect, and the faux stitching isn't perfectly straight, and I'm okay with that. Heck, it wouldn't be much better if I'd sewn those lines with my sewing machine. People, I am allergic to straight. There, I've said it.

Today I did the faux stitching on the remaining 14 cards and rounded all the bottom corners.  I decided they still needed something, so I punched a bunch of hearts from the BIG polka dot side of that red dotted paper using my MS Heart Confetti punch, and I stuck one heart to each card. Perfect match.

Added bonus: these are all FLAT! Whoot!

In other news, I have big crafty plans for this weekend. I hope to disappear part of another 6x6 paper pack, and it will probably be one with pink in it, given I'll be making loooove cards. I also want to print off all the PDFs from the Online Card Classes I've taken and make them into books so I'll maybe refer to them once in a while. I'll also address the dried cat barf that Bobra left me behind his mini condo climby thing. I suspect that happened the first time I left him alone.

Oh, I'm also going to drag myself away some time on Saturday to go see one of my local tweeps at the Bazaart Holiday Market. If you've never been to the American Visionary Arts Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore, you should definitely go!

I hope you have a happy and filling Thanksgiving (for my US peeps) and well, a Happy Normal Thursday to the rest of the world. :) I'll probably be posting throughout the weekend, so y'all come back now while you're digesting, mkay?

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: MS Heart Confetti Punch.


  1. "People, I am allergic to straight." Hah. I'm right there with you on the crooked train. Love the cards, btw. I may borrow the general idea. Gracias.

  2. I MUST CASE this one for sure! Love that design Leslie and all the DP and sentiments are perfect! Wonderful cards!

  3. i ♥LOVE♥ all of these, i love the design, i love the stitching (for the record my REAL stitching is never straight whether by hand or machine, so that makes it look MUCH more authentical to me!!!) and i especially love that they're all for OWH, such a great cause! oh yeah & i love that they are such stash users! brilliant!!!

    (PS: avam is one of my alltime fave museums, which as you know is saying something b/c i have A LOT of faves in that category!!!) :)

  4. Great OWH cards, as usual. Your plan came together nicely, I must say. As for the dried up cat barf ............ you sent me back in time a couple of years when we still had a cat. Been there, done that, with love, of course!

  5. Who needs perfect, that would be boring! I think they turned out perfectly and I know OWH will appreciate them. They will bring a smile to someone's face and that's what's important.


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