Friday, November 23, 2012

More Playing

I've been playing all day, and I have one card - ONE CARD - to show you. Sigh. However, I did try a lot of things, so it was a very fun play time. Here's my card, then I'll share all the technique-y stuff I used:

Yep. That's the new Furry Christmas stamp from Simon Says Stamp. Both Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire have enabling posts that use this stamp set, and, well, say no more.

This card is not my first attempt (far from it!), but it's the first one that I felt I actually liked. I'll show you the process I used, because I can.

First, I stamped the image on the back of some Bazzill Avalanche card stock. I tried several different inks on the textured front of the card stock, but no matter what I tried, including reinking the pads, nothing gave me a clean image, so I gave up and stamped on the back of the card stock using Distress Black Soot that I then clear-embossed. Then I started masking:

I stamped the image onto an Inkadinkado Masking Sheet, cut it out and placed it over the embossed image. Then I decided to go for a Polaroid look, and taped around the image so I could stamp a background stamp over it. I used the Impression Obsession Gradation background inked with HA Tide Pool ink. Here it is post-background-stamping:

After I removed the mask and tape, I had this:

The first thing I did was apply glue to the antlers and add the brown flocking (from SU). They are very fuzzy. :)  Then I wanted to see if I could paint with the Tide Pool ink so I could match kitty's scarf to the background. Here's that mess:

Whoa, there's some sort of photographic voo-doo happening there. I squished some ink onto my craft mat and used a tiny paint brush to test it out on that white scallop. The water changed the color too much, so I just used the ink sans water to color the scarf.

My alert readers will notice this is not the image used in the final card. Nope. The background on this one goes in the other direction (darker at the bottom). But it does have just the antlers and scarf done, so it's all good. :)

I decided to use Copics to color the image. One of my failed attempts used water coloring, and I wanted to try the Copics this time. I'll try water coloring another time. Here's the finished card again:

I went back and added a few things: white stripes on the scarf, Enamel Accents on the dogs' noses, and I tried (for the first time!) some Copic C0 refill on a paper towel to blot the blue hat and make it look "knit". If you embiggen the picture you may be able to see it.

Oh, and yes, I was playing with the background. I couldn't decide if I liked it better with the concentrated color on top or bottom:

I think I like it concentrated on the bottom better. Of course I colored the other one first.

In other news, Bobra seems to have settled in and is quite comfortable. Unfortunately he's either hiding or bouncing off the walls when I have my camera at the ready, so this is the best I can do:

That's his GO AWAY I'M SUPERVISING THE SQUIRRELS AND LEAVES look. He's so fierce.  Actually, I think I surprised him. He's not used to the camera yet, though he does come when I call him, so I hope to get a decent photo of him soon.

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  1. Adorable card! I'm impressed that you masked - I never do that!! Love all the extras you added for the final product. Also, impressed at all the experimenting you did for this one card - time is a wonderful thing.

  2. Soooooo Cute! Love what you did with that stamp!

  3. That card is adorable and you did an excellent job with the masking. I like the darker-at-the-top one myself, and I really like the texture on the kitty's hat. Bobra looks quite fierce, those squirrels and leaves had better behave.

  4. Nice masking! That's a time intentive card, I forgive for just ONE card in this post :)

    So glad Bobra is settling in! I've never had a cat (ok, ok. There was one cat. I was like 2. There might have been a toilet dunking involved. End cat experience).

  5. Super cute! If you put a red "Rudolph" nose on one of them you can call it a Christmas card. :)

  6. I love both backgrounds - and I HATE that when the dilution changes the colour. I never catch on until after I'm colouring, and then I normally just say 'ah, to heck with it' or some other less suitable phrase ;)
    Bobra is far too awesome. THAT FACE!


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