Sunday, November 18, 2012

Me vs The Color Wheel

As most of you know, even though I've been crafty my whole life, I have zero training. Everything I know is from either trial and error or lessons from others. No art school, no color theory, etc. In fact, I'm in awe of people who have the color wheel memorized and just "know" what colors go together, complement each other, or are just the right shade.

So today I decided to use some of the purple washi tape I got at Target when I got one in every color. Purple is only one notch above pink in my world, so this was a major step for me.

I used this sketch from Skipping Stones Design:

It's from their Oct 23rd post *ahem*. Anyway, I decided those two diagonal elements would be purple washi tape, then I'd take it from there.  Here's what came out:

Purple. What the heck goes with purple? So I took out my color wheel that I bought at an art store a while ago, and they have this purple as a Violet (it's got some blue in it) and across from it on the wheel was a Yellow-Orange. Okay. So that's where the yellow tape came in. I put it on white card stock to die-cut the heart and also to cut the narrow strip that I've mangled over there on the right.

I chose to make this a love card for OWH, and I found that Paper Smooches sentiment fit in the doily perfectly, but it was boring. BACK to the color wheel for a third color. I looked at the Triad lines, and it pointed to an olive-y color, so I used my YG63 for the letters.

I made four of these - 3 pieces of card stock = 4 cards*, so I took the liberty of trying one with the purple tapes swapped. Here they are side-by-each:

I think I like the bolder color on the bottom.

So that's my story of me vs the color wheel. I hope so some day be better friends with it.

Thanks for stopping by!

* 1 piece of card stock became 4 fronts, and 2 pieces became 4 bases. I like to wrap the washi tape around the back of a layer, then put it onto the card front.

Products used but not linked below: Bazzill Avalanche card stock, Target washi tape (purples), MT tape (yellow).


  1. Leslie, you nailed that sketch! Love the purple and yellow together too. I'm the same way about colors, etc....I basically just pick one color and then start putting other ones against it to see what looks ok! No "eye" for that type of thing I guess.......but you did great on this. Like the way you used the die too!

  2. Love the behind the scenes work. Someone looking at it just thinks "OH, that's lovely", not knowing that you were all scientific and stuff. :)

  3. I also need the help of the color wheel! Sometimes I just can't think of what colors go together. Then I just end up with craziness or brown. Usually happens when I'm trying to blend with my distress inks. Love your cards, I agree with the bolder color on bottom, that somehow supports the design.


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