Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SOS #76 - Best Deal Ever

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for another Shopping Our Stash challenge. This week's theme is Best Deal Ever. We'd like you to create something using one of your best bargain finds or "had to have it" purchases (and be sure to tell us what it is).

You know you've fallen for it, maybe more than once, even. You know that deal that's just too good to be true, and even though you don't need it, you NEED it, am I right? Well, let me tell you a little secret about me: I don't shop*. I cannot be lured into a store by a coupon. I don't care if it's 20% off my whole order, because I don't NEED anything. Plus, I detest shopping, and the thought of going into a store makes me curl up tighter on the couch.

Secret #2: I don't subscribe to store newsletters.I don't need to know what's on sale today, because I DO NOT NEED IT.

So one day, I found this site called Pick Your Plum, and I signed up. I must have been really, really sick that day, or delusional, or drunk. But sign up I did. It's a daily email with the Deal of the Day. GAH! What sucked me in I think was the washi tape. I was weak.

Luckily for me, I would never use most of the stuff they have, but one day ... it was spools of lace. Colored lace. For like next to nothing. I shopped.

Now here's my card, then I'll explain:

See that lace? I detest it. I have spools of it, in many colors. I cannot disappear it fast enough. I was all over this challenge.

My card was inspired by this one by Cristina Kowalczyk that I saw on Pinterest:

Mine is NOTHING like hers, But my brain remembered the paper banner with the ribbon looped on top, so I took away the idea of using my lace on top of a paper banner.

I actually made three other cards at the same time. Here's another one:

Same idea, just a different color lace and different paper. Why do I not like this stuff? It's cheap (inexpensive) for a reason: it's cheap (not the best quality). I think it would be okay if it didn't come already stuck to a strip of permanent double-sided tape. I can't get the stuff off, so making loops with the lace is out of the question. Like this one:

See that piece of lace at the top? I covered the tape with some non-stick powder and looped the lace, then it promptly stuck to itself. Boo. On a brighter note, though, I also discovered it wasn't symmetrical, so in order to run it down the center of the paper banner, I got to use twice as much of it by putting two strips back-to-back. yay

And the last one:

In addition to a few strips of lace, I also disappeared 4 black buttons and 4 strips of paper remnants from my Basic Grey Out of Print 6x6 pack. I also used my Cuttlebug Herringbone embossing folder, mostly because it was still out. :)

Now it's YOUR turn. Think about something (or multiple somethings - ahem) in your stash that were either bargain finds or "had to have it" purchases, use it on a card, post it somewhere (and be sure to tell us what your Best Deal Ever item is), then come back to Shopping Our Stash and link us up so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!

*I do not shop IN STORES. Heck, I even detest grocery stores. Online shopping is a different matter entirely. Just sayin'.

Products used and not linked below: GinaK white card stock, misc black buttons, Pick Your Plum lace.


  1. I'm with you on the shopping thing - I don't like stores, either. Maybe if I was a size 8 with normal not-wide feet I might feel differently. But I'm not and probably never will be. I think your cards turned out beautifully, in spite of the heinous lace. Do you know about Blitsy? ;-)

  2. i remember when you bought the lace, I should've stopped you :-)
    I do, however, think this design is perfect to use the lace with. very purty!

  3. Well, I like the lace - it's shabby and fun. I should've bought the bakers twine when you linked to it...

  4. LOL! I got the same lace at Pick Your Plum :) and I still have most of it too! :)

  5. Leslie, I LOVE the design on these cards!! I may just have to CASE it too! The lace.......Actually it looks great on these cards! Not sure what I'd do with it either, but do love it here.

  6. Funny story about the lace :) I have a huge collection of self-adhesive ribbons I bought a number of years ago that only work for a flat panel of ribbon too. You can't make bows because of the sticky strip on the back. I might have to make a card with them now for the challenge ;)It seemed like such a great bargain at the time! *smirk*
    Your cards are all great with that clean design and fabulous embossing! Well done!

  7. great multiple card creations again! The lace is fabby. I kinda envy all you folks with lace in abundance. I have to be very stingy when using mine meager stash!

  8. Adhesive backed lace & ribbon....they seem like such a great idea, but they are seriously a PITA. And cheap stuff? Nothing quite as disappointing as finding out that indeed, you paid what it was worth :/

  9. I got hooked on scrapbook steals daily deals. Arg!! I could probably do this challenge for a year using all the "oh I think I will DIE if I don't have..." crapola!

    I love your cards, the lace looks pretty!

  10. Leslie - This made me laugh! I think your cards turned out lovely! But thats a stinky thing about the adhesive already on the lace...who's lame idea was that!! Sheesh! You found a great way to use some though! Bravo!

  11. I think your cards look great. That layout even makes your hated lace look good! :)
    Hugs and smiles


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