Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not-Banners for OWH

Tonight I played with more strips of paper, triggered by this card I saw on Pinterest. (link is to the actual original blog post) Well, I started with that idea, but this is what came out:

Yes, I called these not-banners. :)  I cut strips of paper from my Basic Grey Lemonade 6x6 paper pack and started, you know, sticking them to white card bases. I tried to get four papers that sortof went together, both color-wise and pattern-wise. Where the original card had two hearts, I opted for one, says Captain Obvious. I did, however, punch more hearts out of a piece of thin chipboard/packaging stuff and put two of them behind the white heart for some heft.  The heart is popped up on dimensional adhesive.

Here's another one:

Same papers as the first one, just different lengths.


Here I swapped out a larger pink pattern for the smaller one. Crazy, I know.


Here I've included a piece of green. It sorta ties in with the yellow pattern on the right. Plus, since they were all from the same paper pack, I assume that green goes with that blue and that pink.


This card demonstrates just how crazy and over-the-edge I can be. I used the same blue twine even though there is no blue paper on the card.

I won't bore you with more of the not-banner ones, but this last one is a bit different:

Even though I am drowning in paper, I couldn't bear to toss these strips, so I put them on a card front. I was going to stamp the sentiment on that white horizontal strip, but then I got all distracted playing with twine and decided to wrap it around the piece instead, which would then allow me to put a heart over it. It was kinda fun.

So I've got a total of eight more loooove cards for OWH.

Hmmm, if I do this in small batches like this, I betcha I can disappear some more of that paper pack this week. :)

In other news, a Bobra photo:

This was taken against a background of white vertical blinds through which the sun was shining. No, I'm not this artsy - it really is all washed out. :)

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  1. Love the cards. The OCD part of me prefers #4, but they are all quite lovely. Bobra is adorable, too.

  2. I still have a whole whack of this paper pad - all teeny scraps, because not only did I love the pad, I bought a second one. Ahem. Seeing all your disappearing posts is getting me almost ready to part with them :)Love the twine wrap on the last one - that's a cool idea!

  3. Ut oh, looks like someone really has an attitude. ha ha ha Love these cards. TFS Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  4. now see, i was alllllll set to ooooooh & ahhhhh extravagantly over the GORGEOUS and amazingly clever varieties of "not banner" cards (& truly i LOVE THEM) but then i saw the handsome visage of the handsome bobra and suddenly for some reason i feel compelled to hijack a tuna boat and sail it to gaithersburg! brb! kthxbai! ♥♥♥

  5. Love the title of this post-made LOL for real. Something about this design is calling to me, I may CASE :)

  6. Bobra is saying (with his eyes) - "You are under my spell. You will get me catnip and chewy delicious things and you will do it now."


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