Monday, November 5, 2012

Burano Central

In a desperate effort to convince myself my heat-of-the-moment purchase of the A Muse Studio Burano paper AND ink AND ribbon wasn't a total air-head moment, I played again the other day and made this:

That cool paper is Heidi Swapp Color Magic, that I also bought in an I MUST OWN THAT moment, and have used maybe once. This makes twice.

I applied the ink with a distressing tool to the edges of the magic paper and let it fade into the center. I wanted it boldest on the outer edges.

Are you wondering how I did those hearts and got them straight? Ha. I found I had two of the Simon Says Stamp HOLIDAY SHAPES Hearts Stars Craft Die, so I cut one in half. Well, actually I bent it until it snapped. I also figured I'd never want to cut hearts and stars at the same time, so even if I only had one of them, I'd still have cut it in half. So all I did was place the hearts section where I wanted it and cut. No problem.

I also cut some hearts from the Burano card stock before I'd decided to add a Burano layer, so in theory I could have skipped adding them, but I like how they are now flush with the white surface. I have now disqualified this card from any of the negative space challenges this week. Pffth. I think I'll work on last week's challenges anyway, so there.

Oh, and because I could, I also added some Burano ribbon, thus justifying my entire purchase. I also just realized how amazing this would look with black. I need to try it. 

In other news, I've created a washi tape swatch-y sampler thing. See:

This was not my idea, but I used it because it was so fabulous. When I made my ink sampler I punched 4534566 tags from card stock and stamped an image on each of them, one for each color of ink I have. It's nice, but the thought of doing it again made me a little more nuts.  Someone applied their washi tapes to punched pieces of vellum, but still, the punching ... Plus, I don't have a source for all of them, so what's the point, right?

One of my other peeps - Linda, of LindaTraceDesigns - used strips of acetate for her washi sampler and applied bunches of tapes to each of them. NO PUNCHING! I loved the idea, so that's what I did here. I did the best I could to group them by color. As Linda said, you usually know which color group you want, so you can grab that strip (or 2 or 3) and select what you need. I have the names of the companies written inside some/most of the spools, so I didn't need the reference here, too. Oh, with the black collection, where it looks like there are repeats -- you're just looking though clear sections of acetate waiting for their new brethren and sisteren to arrive. *cough*

Okay, I'm off to review the handy voting material so I can be informed for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies used but not linked below: A Muse Studio Burano card stock, ink and ribbon; GinaK white card stock.


  1. Love your pretty card! That magic paper or whatever - huh - I had no idea! Mustnotbuyitmustnotbuyit...

    I also REALLY want to make a washi swatchy now. So cool!

  2. I like that card and that paper is too cool. Your washi tape swatches are so pretty as well as useful. You weren't kidding about your abundance of washi tape!

  3. Serendipity, that's what it was that made your card turn out totally different than expected and so cute. Love it!

  4. holy-shmoly, you have a lot of washi tape :-)
    Nice sampler, good idea, great implementation! totally cool!
    maybe i should do something like that with my ribbon. No, i don't have the patience....

  5. Gasp! I see your hand!!!

    Fabulous card and oh so yummy washi swatchy!!


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