Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Venti Banners

I had a pile of left-over banners from the last batch of cards, so I decided to use them plus a new Paper Smooches set I picked up along the way.

Here's the first card:

I just lined up alternating banners along the top of the card, and added a die-cut border to make it look more finished.  The stamps are from the Paper Smooches Hot Concoctions set. I stamped the cup holder again on some of the navy and cut it out. This card has the cup stamped just on the card - no layering. I used a C2 Copic for some shadow under the cup and under the lid.

Here's the next one:

This one has a second cup cut out and popped up on dimensional adhesive. Because I could.

These next two are the same, just different color banners:

Now most of those banners are off my desk and I can move on to something else. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hope banners never fall from grace, I have become quite fond of them. I think these cards are wonderful - I love the banners and the scalloped edge at the top. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Me too I love banners :)
    And I love that PS set - I know I've shared a whole bunch of venti cards on my blog, but I've made easily a dozen more. They are just too fun, and people love them :)

  3. Fabulous cards! Lovin' all the banners too!


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