Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some More Mass Production

After my first card this weekend, I went back to work in The Captain's Quarters, hoping to make at least one or two more cards from my neglected sketch collection, when I spied this sketch from Artful Delight:

This seemed like a fairly simple sketch to do in multiples, so I went into my Basic Grey 6x6 pad collection and selected my Sugar Rush pack as today's victim. I used eight pieces of paper and made 16 cards. I DID!

Warning: The folks at OWH are way ahead of the rest of the world. Kindof like when you make cards to submit for publication and they are 5 holidays ahead of real-time? Yeah, like that. So OWH is collecting Valentine's Day cards now. I chose Sugar Rush because it's pink and cute and lovey-dovey, which is probably why I so rarely use it. I might have touched it LAST Valentine's Day.

So here's one of my cards:

I cut each 6x6 piece of paper in half, then cut those to 4.5", giving me 16 pieces of 3x4.5. I then cut those into two pieces, cut and scored 16 bases, and started my assembly line.

First I rounded the corners and attached the bottom piece to the card base. I lined up my T-square with the left edge of the paper and butted the top piece up against it so they are all actually straight! Well, okay, one or two missed the to right edge a little, but they are all even with the bottom pieces.  :)

Here's another one:

After I got all the papers attached to their bases, I went back and stamped the sentiment on all the cards. I used Archival Jet Black ink for great, crisp impressions.

Here's two more:

After I stamped all the sentiments, I used my Martha Stewart Confetti Heart punch to punch hearts from some of the cut-off pieces. You can see each one of these got coordinating hearts - one large and two small.

Here's two more:

I know, I know, they don't SAY "Valentine's Day", but this way they can be used all year long.

One more:

That's probably the squishiest one I made. Oh, darn, I was going to round the corners. I'll go back and do that later.

There was one near-fatality. See how this one is a little different:

That big ole heart on the top right covers a boo-boo. That top piece of paper decided to stick to the card base before I had it lined up, and in attempting to remove the little bugger, I tore the base a bit. It is now disguised by that heart. The extra heart on the bottom left is to balance it out. It's like cutting your own bangs: a little bit here, a little bit there, and soon it's out of control.

So that's 16 more cards for OWH. Whoot!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: Martha Stewart Heart Confetti punch, SU small heart punch, GinaK white card stock.


  1. Oh I love how you created multiple cards and just changed the paper and sentiment. Way to rock the sketch challenge. Thanks for joining us at Artful Delight.

  2. They are all quite awesome but I like the one that looks like yarn the best. :)

  3. I love them all, and that is the perfect sentiment. Then they aren't tied to a particular holiday - great idea.

  4. Fabulous cards! You continually outdo yourself!

  5. Near-fatality. I know that feel.
    How I love that great sentiment - it IS perfect for any time :)

  6. Great disguising, I would never have known because this is one amazing display of the sketch. I love how the patterned paper sets the stage. Thanks for playing along with Artful Delight!

  7. Great cards. Love the pattern papers you used. Thank you for playing along with Artful Delight this month!!

  8. Love that sketch :) I'll be playing with it in the very near future. Love your batch of lovey dovey cards :)

  9. May I CASE this one? Love it

  10. Ooh, I love the stripy paper! Pink, sure, but a dark pink with plenty of other colors involved... or possibly it's because a lot of the thin stripes look coppery. I'm a sucker for copper; it's a problem.

  11. Wow, look at all these great cards. Mass production is not my strong suit... many thanks for joining us at Artful Delight.

  12. Great take on the sketch! You really created A TON of cards with that sketch. WOW!

  13. good grief girl you are a card making machine!!! :)
    fantastic cards for the sketch!! so glad you joined us on Artful Delight :)


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