Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Playing

Tonight I received a shipment of some new goodies, and I felt a burning need to justify some of my existing stash, so I stepped into The Captain's Quarters to get inky. Instead, I got covered in teeny tiny bits of washi tape. In my world it's the new glitter. OMGosh, it was everywhere.  You see, I started by cutting a piece of washi sheet with the Simon Says Stamp hexagon border die, and since I'd used the metal adapter plate, it cut like buttah.

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

See all those tiny holes in the green washi sheet? Yeah, they stuck in the die when I pulled the rest of it off, and I poked them out with a paper piercer. They landed all over my table, and some of them slipped off the backing so they actually stuck to stuff. What a mess.

Moving on ... I didn't like the green on the white, so I grabbed a piece of Kraft remnant and used it as a layer instead. I still didn't like it, so I put some pink and light greenish-blue tape down then topped it with the green. It was still overwhelming so I added the white scalloped border. (Did you notice how taking something away isn't an option? Yeah. But wait, it gets worse.)

Then I decided I needed to white-emboss whatever sentiment I used, and this one looked boring without the world, so I added the world, too. Then came the white faux stitching. Then came the Crumb Cake faux stitching. Then came the twine, and I'm not sure about that part, but there it is.

By the way, I think this is the best way to get these detailed border dies to stick -- making them self-adhesive. I think using either washi sheets or sticking regular paper onto something like the Sookwang sheets (or very wide tape) would be fabby. Now that I think about it, I probably learned that in one of the Online Card Classes, but those things are packed with so much goodness I can't possibly remember all of it.

In other news, I want to make books of the PDFs from class (sorry if I'm repeating myself) to possibly remember some of it better. We'll see.

Ya know, if I stretch this a bit, I'll bet it would work for the current Play Date Cafe challenge:

Okay, I'd need to stretch it a LOT, but still. Hmmm ...

Bobra update: I took 1/2 day off this morning so he'd only be alone 1/2 a day this afternoon. When I left the house for the first time since he arrived, he did a 4-point paw freeze frame as I was closing the door.  I fretted all day, but when I got home he came to greet me and once he decided I was me and not some other person, he was fine. I think there's hope! Tomorrow will be a full work day, and I'll worry, probably unnecessarily. He'll eventually get used to it, but it will take me some time I think.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: SU Crumb Cake marker, misc pink and green washi (from before I started noting the manufacturer).


  1. Great card - love the washi tape and faux stitching! The white embossing looks great too! Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe.

  2. Except for the washi measles everywhere, this card is totally awesome :) Love the twine, and the embossing is perfect! Good to know Bobra is settling in well :)

  3. You are, without a doubt, the washi tape queen! Your card is wonderful and i totally agree about making those kinds of dies self adhesive. I have a few Christmas dies that are very intricate and thought of buying a Xyron Creation Station but I already have a Xyron thing, but it leaves boogers in the open spaces (it doesn't have one of those top sheets when it comes out). So....I run the card stock through the Xyron first, then die cut. Problem solved, money saved. The Scor Tape works beautifully, too.

  4. this is VERY cool indeed. and in no way "too much stuff" but then... would *I* know??!?!?! lol. hey! is there a new kitteh??! must scroll backwards to see what i missed!!! awesome!!!


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