Sunday, March 31, 2013

Creative Avoidance, Part 324

Today I'm supposed to be catching up with "things", including laundry and packing my crafty belongings to take with me next week. The first thing I did was go into The Captain's Quarters, look around, and then I started making tags for my stamp bins. No, that was not on my list.  Yes, it has taken me all. day.

So let's begin. I was smart enough to know I'd screw up at the end, and I took pictures as I went so I'd have something to share for my day of toil and sweat.

First, I took four wooden tags and painted them with four different Distress paints:

This is actually side two. I blotted the ink on with the applicator so it looks like this:

because the first side looked like this :


Then I chose the perfect washi tape to use:

And put a piece on each tag:

Then it was time for the letters. I'd planned to put the first letter on the washi tape, then space the rest of the word out over the tag. Mostly they didn't fit at all, so I ended up with this:

I can live with it. It's ART, right? Oh, and I meant to do that.

Next, I needed to seal it all so it stayed put, and I chose to use glossy matte medium. What a mess. But it's sealed, you'll just have to trust me.

Here are the finished tags in their new homes:

I almost didn't include that last one, since it's my least-favorite of the bunch. However, it's a great example of why I will never be a mixed media artist. Nope, I'm sticking to paper and ink, man. It's way less messy, plus with mixed media you have to wait for stuff to dry, and I'm a most impatient person.

Since I'm incapable of making anything that resembles a decision, as of right now all four of those boxes will accompany me on my craft trip. This is also why I drive.

I did make two cards today, too, but that post will have to wait for later next week. They may involve washi tape, though. Just sayin'.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not included below: wooden tags, twine by Timeless Twine, Doodlebug Jack & Jill beetle black alphabet stickers.


  1. OMG I love these!!!! I need to do these for my scrapbox bins!

    And oh how I love creative avoidance!

  2. Creative procrastination is the best! I am a huge fan of doing something 'so it will dry while I'm gone' right at the last possible second. One of these days the fam is gonna leave without me :)


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