Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scrappy Creation

I was fussing round in the craft room today and decided to clean use some of the UFOs on my desk to make a  little more space. This is what came out:

It's all remnants and UFOs except for the card base, and yes, I am very proud. Neat people don't make the exciting kinds of discoveries I do, and they are really missing out.

I wasn't sure what to put on the banner to keep it from looking like it was levitating off the card, so I made a button out of some of the pool paper I had left after I trimmed it down to cut the layer. The twine hides a slight mis-stamp that could not be covered by the banner. The bling above the banner are also strategically placed to hide a few unexplained schmears.

I'm going back in for some more craftiness. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You did come up with some treasures on your desk. Nice strategic bling placement, as well.

  2. You do find the coolest things in the UFO pile. I love that you make your own color coordinated buttons. This is a very pretty card!


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