Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spot The Mistake!

Hello, there! I'm taking the current Online Card Class called Pattern Play, and it's so full of great ideas that my head is about to explode. Unfortunately I can't get any of it to transfer to paper, so instead, I'm offering up a challenge to Spot The Mistake in this morning's SOS post.

I know of at least one, and I say that because you guys always find more.

I happen to have a few double-purchased colors of Perfect Pearls, one of which will be sent to the lucky person I choose based on something I'll make up but probably will have no scientific basis or even be remotely fair. I may even have Bobra pick the winner.

So get to it! You have until Friday evening, 6 pm EDT in the old USofA. I'll announce the winner some time this weekend.

Game on!


  1. You should have said "used" instead of use because the rest of the sentence was in the past tense. Is this the one you spotted? Do I get extra points for being number one?

  2. Along woth use/ used...Celery capitalized? How is Bobra? How could you not love those bunnies?

  3. yup, use(d). I think the C in Celery is capitalized because the whole name of the color is Certainly Celery, non?

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  5. Use/Used. But we all understood what you meant, so don't be too hard on yourself! Please pet Bobra from my guys, Opie and Fritz! (and...for the record, due to an error in the first comment, I erased it and started over!!!)

  6. Yep, use/used is what popped out at me. And aren't you brave, putting it out there for us to pick apart your post? I shudder at the very thought - already my husband uses 'nice language, English Major' at least once a day.


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