Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SOS #95, Take Two

I might have over-achieved with this week's SOS challenge and made both a fruit and a vegetable card. Since my mojo is still on vacation, I took the opportunity to do a second post. :)

While planning out my project for this week (meaning "I had no plan"), I thought I had some DSP with cherries on it, and as I searched The Heaplet I found several pieces of printed vellum I bought eons ago, and I made this:

I love this vellum. I have many 12x12 sheets of the stuff. At one time I was making Whine Journals, and it was perfect for adding decorative pages, so I stocked up. There were a few cut pieces in The Heaplet, and I managed to destroy one of them, so I've used two. *ahem*

One of my personal challenges with vellum is how to attach it without the tape showing. I usually use brads or eyelets, and today I failed repeatedly with the eyelets, which is what destroyed my first three attempts. I kept trimming off the boo-boos until that original piece of vellum and accompanying layers of card stock became mere shadows of their former selves.

For the one you see here I decided to just sew the darn thing. I lined up my ruler and poked holes every 1/4", then I threaded a needle with real thread and hand-stitched it into place:

See? It's so wonky you just know it was done by hand. Next time remind me to straighten out my stitches. The one good thing about this shot is you can sorta see the texture printed on the vellum.

I only attached the vellum at the top, as there was really no reason to secure it at the bottom, so it's free and easy:

I attached the sentiment and button to just the vellum layer.

Veggies - check. Fruit - check. I hope I've given you some ideas for playing this week's challenge, and that you'll join us over at SOS.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Sentiment is from MFT Twisted Foursome, now retired I believe.


  1. Hand stitching! It looks great, it's a lot straighter than my wonky machine stitching. This card is lovely, I like the vellum overlay. Fruits and veggies are better on a card than on my plate :-)

  2. This turned out beautifully! Hooray for using vellum...seriously old stash, and always so lovely :)

  3. OMG, I totally had buckets of that same paper!! I have no idea what I ended up doing with it...
    Adding that particular sentiment just makes me happy :) Vellum is one of those things that I both love & hate to use - I have a card that I made on the weekend that I'm sharing tomorrow (I think? DT throwdown stuff) where I chronicle my near-death experience. Death of the vellum, that is.


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