Sunday, August 24, 2014

Freaking Amazing

Every once in a while I clean straighten things up on my crafting desk, and in the process I have some "oh, yeah" moments. Today I re-discovered a die I got from Neat & Tangled and decided to use it. A novel concept, I know!

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

Let me just say that stamping the words into those street signs takes practice. My one tip to you would be it needs to be stamped lower than you think. I know this because I ended up stamping 4 or 5 street signs and practicing. This was the best one, so it got die-cut.

I wanted the street sign's words to be the focal point, so I chose pretty-yet-muted papers for the background. See that strip of clouds? I so rarely use the piece of paper I call the index page ... the one with a bit of each of the paper patterns on it. This time I sliced out the clouds instead of cutting into the actual cloud sheet. Must be the hoarder in me. :)  Actually, it let me leave a thin strip of color under the clouds, which I wouldn't have gotten from the full sheet.

I stamped the YOU and ARE separately. I practiced with those, too. You can stamp them together, but I liked them better with less space between the words.

Both the sign post and the panel are mounted on foam tape, just because. I opened and used my new-to-me pack of Hero Arts smooth gemstones, and called it finished.

This was fun! Now that I've used it, I can put it away and move on to something else in the new-to-me box of goodies. Stay tuned!

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  1. Dixie is right, this is a freaking amazing card, Leslie! And I would horde that cloud paper too!

  2. Love it right there at the corner of Freaking & Amazing!!

  3. I'm so happy to see that FREAKING INSANE is an option, because I am definitely there.

    This is a FREAKING AWESOME card.

    Where do you find these awesome stamps? Wait! Don't tell me, I can't afford myself as is.

    I thought maybe you were going to say the cloud strip at top was washi tape.... but instead it's the table of contents or whatever you called it but still a fine idea to use every possible bit.

  4. *YOU* are freakin' amazing, missus! srsly!!! :) (ps: i think i LOVE this stamp/die set, but fortunately the lining things up neatly factor means that i am no longer tempted by it, lol!)

    (trying not to look at the youtube screen below. my way is one of the few sinatra songs i loathe and it's def got ultimate ear worm status doesn't it?!)


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