Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SOS #165: Chipping Away

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Chipping Away, and we'd like you to use chipboard on your project. If you don't have any chipboard in your stash, feel free to use packaging cardboard or even a cereal box to make your own "chipboard" embellishment.

I had to resort to the latter, and I die-cut the circle trio you see here:

This card actually weighs about 6.5 pounds. Not only did I die-cut the circle trio from some cardboard backing I grabbed from my "save this, you might need it some day" collection of random cardboard, I cut it three times. Yes, three of them are glued together. Then I decided they needed to be painted, so I covered it with Distress Bundled Sage paint. Since I also forgot to Gesso it first, I had to apply a few coats. Then I had to paint the inside of the circles and the outer edge.This, people, is why I don't paint.

As I began to assemble my card, I realized this shape is exactly 5 1/2" tall, so it really didn't work on an A2-sized card. I was forced -- FORCED, I TELL YOU -- to make a 5x7 card instead. I know Marianne (aka: Ruffhaven, aka: BR #2) is very proud of me at this moment.

I thought it would be fun to put a playful kitty in the openings, so I die-cut the shape again out of white and stamped one of the kitties from the Paper Smooches Nine Lives set onto the circles with black ink. The eyes and noses were colored with ultra-fine-tip Sharpies.

Before I stuck everything down to the card, I needed a horizontal element, so guess what? Washi tape to the rescue! :)  Then I glued everything down, added a sentiment and called it finished.

So, do you have some chipboard lingering in your stash? Got a collection of cardboard you need to justify keeping? Dig it out and come play along with us at SOS this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: SU Kraft/Crumb Cake card stock, misc cardboard, misc washi tape, and the following:


  1. Hi, Leslie! Nice to see that you are firmly clinging to your title of the Queen of Clean! Love this design. The colors do a lot of the heavy lifting in this understated beauty! So nice to be back with you creative ladies!

  2. loooooooooooooooooove those "cool cats" inna big biiiiiiiiig way! so totally awesome!!! (& it might be 6lbs but it's FLAT so there's that, lol!)

    ps: i'm pretty sure a line of "washi tape to the rescue" t-shirts would fly off etsy. just sayin'... :) :) :)

  3. omg, ive just realized: washi is the crafty girl equivalent of what duct tape is to handy guys!!!!!!!! (ok, INSIDE my head that seemed like a valuable sociological observation. actually typed into existence, it kinda loses something. sorry.) :0

  4. Not only did you make your own chipboard, you made it thrice!! Holy cow, you are a glutton for punishment! LOL! But, your card came out just brilliantly, I must say!

  5. Brilliant brilliant, brilliant idea!!! I love those cats :)

  6. 6.5 lbs! Don't mail that sucker!!!
    And a 5x7 card! I am impressed!
    Fab job, love the peeky cats!

  7. WASHI TAPE! WASHI TAPE TO THE RESCUE! Do you hear that in a dramatic action hero voice?! I hope so, that's exactly how I sang it. Out loud. In semi-public.

    This is such a fun card and oh, so catlike! Peeking every which way and causing havoc like FORCING you to make a non-A2 card. Cats, I tell you, minions of Santa. I mean Satan. Same thing, really.

  8. BAHAHAHA! Isn't it great when a CAS card ends up having a mile=long supply list & weighs 6.5 pounds? lol! That is why I don't paint either. Unless I want it to look 'shabby'. THAT kind of painting I can do! I love how this turned out. And I would totally wear that t-shirt Lauren suggested!


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