Sunday, August 17, 2014

Feel Better Soon

As is my usual method, I went into the craft room to tackle a few specific projects, then I came out with something completely different. This:

I ... don't know how it happened. It all started with an idea that I needed to use navy, white and kraft together. I had a white Polaroid left from another project that didn't happen, and I had new cloud dies from Simon Says Stamp, and I found myself hmmmmm-ing a lot. The dies are textured, so of course I grabbed some textured paper from The Heaplet and obliterated the original texture for the cloud texture. At least it's paper (or really thin card stock) so the layering worked out.

I distressed the center of the die-cut with Distress Pumice Stone, then added the clouds so they hung outside the frame. I had cut a third die since we're supposed to do things in odd numbers, but I couldn't figure out how to add it until I finally mostly hid it behind the top of the die-cut frame. Now it's there, but not too in-your-face.

Since this turned out to be a very gloomy card, I gave it a Feel Better Soon sentiment. I don't have the dies, so I fussy-cut the banner.

I'm pretty sure anyone I send this to will just get sicker by looking at all the doom and gloom. This is why one should make happy cards for Get Well cards. I so rarely follow the rules, though.

Oh, that just reminded me: Many years ago, we had a Twitter contest to make Get Ill Soon cards. You know, to send to someone you don't want to see around the office for a while, so you wish they'd get sick and stay home. Please hold ... *searches archives* ... here it is: Get Ill Soon. My God, we even had a blog hop with a banner.

Okay, now I go need to make what I started out to make. Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: misc navy textured paper, misc white card stock, and the following:


  1. Oh someone with a snarly sense of humor might like this as a gw card.

  2. Love the design. What if you made the inside clouds white with a soft blue haze or with a silver lining? ;-)

  3. i don't find this gloomy! i love it! & yeah the 3rd cloud being mostly behind the diecut totally MAKES it!!! <3

  4. Awesome card! You could always stick a bat sticker inside the frame, then if possible, redo the sentiment to say Happy Halloween. :) I still like it the way it is, though!

  5. I like the card, gloom and all.... but the angle makes me think of a plane going down. I think that might be hard to "get better" from.

    "Oh my god! Our plane has lost both its engines!!!! How far do you think it will take us??"

    "All the way to the crash site."


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