Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SOS #164: Back In The Day

It's Tuesday, and time for another challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Back in the Day, and we're using either old tools (like a Coluzzle instead of dies, eyelet setter instead of a Crop-A-Dile, etc.) OR using an image of something old (telephone, car, etc.).

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

I used images from the Taylored Expressions Let's Chat set. I was going to call this an old-fashioned telephone, and for most of you it probably is, especially with those coin slots. *ahem* There's an image of an older phone in the set, but I liked the size of this one better.

On a related note, do any of you kids "dial" a phone? Well, this phone (and its predecessor) is where that action word came from (from whence it came).

Moving on ...

I colored the phone pretty close(ly) to the way it was colored on the index page of the stamp set since I liked the colors. Then I cut it out, colored the edge with a black marker, put foam tape on the back, and set it aside.

I stamped the sentiment and die-cut it, but for the black ovals, I used my ooooooooold Coluzzle. See:

Please ignore the holes you see since they were die-cut, but you can kindof see the cut lines for the Coluzzle under the reflection of my desk lamp. The icky thing about the Coluzzle system is you have to cut the attached parts of the shape to release it, and then you have to sand the not-even edges, which is why most of us are pretty happy this guy was replaced with dies that cut evenly all the way around.

Why do I still have this tool? It's a relic! I almost put it in the Yard Sale pile, but resisted. I still have some Coluzzle shape packs in their shrink-wrap. Sad, but true.

I ran a panel of white card stock through the Big Shot with an old Fiskars impression plate, but I messed up with the sandwich and the impression is very, very, very subtle.  I was just happy I could see it at all in person.

Now, about those eyelets... I dug out my hammer and eyelet setter tools for this effort. I made three pencil dots, mostly even, on the white layer, then used my old eyelet setter hole punch to make the holes. That really disturbed Bobra. Then I popped in some black eyelets and tried setting them with the setting tools. I remember getting all those fancy setting tips way back when, but heaven help me if I could remember what was what and why I'd use one versus the other. I finally did get them set, though.

I will say that I'm less likely to bend the card stock using the hammer than with the Crop-A-Dile. I always squeeze too tightly and the thing over-crimps. I might have tension issues.

Since I was in old-school mode, I used some black floss instead of the new-fangled twine and tied it through the eyelets.

All in all, this was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I will say I now appreciate some of the modern conveniences we have in today's crafty offerings. Please go hug your Big Shot/Cuttlebug/Vagabond and your Crop-A-Dile.

So, got some old-school tools? Why not dig them out and use them! I think you should play along with us this week at Shopping Our Stash!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Taylored Expressions Let's Chat stamp set, SU black card stock, Fiskars embossing/impression plates, embroidery floss, Coluzzle, misc black eyelets, eyelet setter kit (including hole punch, setter, mat and hammer), and the following:


  1. Abby the dog likes to rest her head on my Cuttlebug. She loves it too ;) I used my TH ruler to space my eyelets, and still managed to set them wonky. Wonkily? Yep. It was fun to visit the old days but I don't wanna live there again ;) Love this phone, btw!

  2. i love*LOVE*love how you've used a vintage image but still made a card that's C&S modern! sooooooooooooo totally COOL!!!

    (& yeah, just hearing the word "coluzzle" makes me want to take my cuttlebug out for dinner and a movie... not that i had one for more than 5 minutes... i think i had the fiskars version; i used it once and managed to knick the table AND cut my hand open... i still do a WHOLE LOTTA fussy cutting tho & i expect i always will!)

    ps: DIAL PHONES!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Cute card. I am old enough to remember those phones.

  4. I keep trying to sell my Coluzzle with no luck - three yard sales and counting LOL
    Your ovals look great, mine always looked weird and bumpy (shaky hand syndrome)
    Love the vintage phone...and eyelets...something else I no longer have...I gave those suckers away...I never could set them nicely!


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