Thursday, February 5, 2015


When I go through my list of challenges in Feedly*, looking for things that inspire me to get off my rear and go make a card or two, I sometimes take a peek at my list of bloggy pals' blogs to see what they've cooked up recently. If I see something I really like, I'll copy it to my sheet of challenges with a note to CASE it.

This past weekend, I'd made a note to CASE this card by Lisa A. I loved how she raised up the whole die-cut piece and left the top space open to leave room to stamp her sentiment.

Here's my CASE of her card:

Instead of using paint chips to get an ombre look, I used a piece of paper from the Basic Grey Kneehighs 6x6 paper pack. I stacked three of the white outline die-cuts for some depth.

The sentiment is from the Simon Says Stamp Happy set, and the stars were from my bowl of OMG, I CANNOT POSSIBLY THROW THESE AWAY collection.

This is a crazy-easy card to make, so you'll probably see it again.

In other news, I did some math. Did you ever wonder if running foam tape down all sides and the center of a panel was more cost-effective than using a piece of Fun Foam? Well I did, but maybe my brain is weird. Here's my calculation. Feel free to tear it apart:

I used 13.5" of foam tape on my white panel. If I'd used a piece of Fun Foam, it would have been 3 3/4"x4 3/4".

Foam tape is 26.04 for 36 yards (where I buy it at Amazon).
That works out to .72/yard, or .72/36"
.72/36" = x/13.5" (In English for you Mathaphobes: if it's 72 cents for 36 inches, then how much is it for 13.5 inches?)
.72(13.5)/36 = x
x =  27 cents

Fun Foam is $11.99 for 12 9x12 sheets, so we'll call it $1/sheet
Each 9x12 sheet is 108 sq inches
3 3/4" x 4 3/4" is 17.8 sq inches (size of Fun Foam I'd use)
108 sq in/$1 = 17.8 sq in/x (In English for you Mathaphobes: if 108 sq inches is a dollar, then 17.8 square inches is how much?)
108x = 17.8
x = 17.8/108
x = 16 cents

So Fun Foam is less expensive to use than foam tape. You're welcome.

* I got asked to participate in a Feedly Beta thing, and it lets you share your collections. Since so many people have asked me for the list of challenges I follow each week, I thought it would be a fun experiment to share my feedly link and see if you guys can access it. Let me know! My Feedly challenges collection (the only one I've shared):

Stuff I used to make this card:

Stamps: SSS Happy 3x4
Dies: Frantic Stamper Stars & Stripes Photo Card
Paper: Neenah Solar White, Basic Grey Kneehighs 6x6 pack
Ink: Hero Hues black
Other: foam tape, 1/8" corner chomper


  1. Fun card! I like the use of the patterned paper

  2. Beautiful design! Love the die cuts!

  3. Oh, Leslie...LOVE!! The patterned paper you used is SO pretty...your card is AMAZING, it makes ME happy!! Thanks so much for the shout out...HUGS to you!! ❤

  4. Leslie, this is WOW!!! Love ti so much. A perfect card in every way too. Thanks for info on the fun foam. I haven't gotten any yet - but will now.

  5. Love the case, that patterned paper is great. Thanks too for the analysis of tape vs ff. Good to know. Checked out your feedly feed...those are a lot of challenges!

  6. While it is true that I've often wondered things like that I can't say I've wondered enough to actually figure it out. I wait for other folks to do it! It is good info to have, if only I can remember it (as well as I do say Def Leppard lyrics). Anyway, it is a fun and I like that pattern paper you paired with the die cut. More exciting than ombre.

    And I puttereded around Feedly. It took a big to figure out how to see without making an account. Like that you can see thumbnails, good for us visual people.


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