Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WOYWW Feb 4, 2015

Normally for the WOYWW post, people show their desks and what they're working on. Today I've got a whole lotta nuthin' since my desk looks like this:

You see, I'm in the process of emptying out a large cabinet in the craft room annex. The cabinet holds (held) all the crafty things that hadn't found homes yet in my newly trying-to-stay-organized craft room, so to go through it meant some serious triage.

I tossed a lot of loose stuff, filled some new storage cubes with miscellaneous inks, miscellaneous tools, WTH-do-I-have-so-many envelopes, miscellaneous embossing powders and colored pencils, etc. The stuff that landed on my desk is stuff I'm keeping in the frontal lobe of my brain, and plan to store it ... somewhere in there.

Let's look at the stuff. First, we have this pile:

These are mostly brads and eyelets, and some googly eyes. I have a library card catalog I use to store all my brads and eyelets, so most of these will go live in there. I think I have a drawer for googly eyes, too. Am I the only one that can never find them so I buy more? Also, did you notice the sock money brads. Uh-huh.

Next pile:

Needles, clear plastic dot things, marbles (for rolling in ink to make pretty things), metal bells, bunny tail pom-poms, thermometers (don't even ask).

And the last pile:

Lots of backs for making pins, more needles, and some really heavy hardware charms.

Once I find homes in my craft room for all this stuff, I'll see the top of my desk again. I have a ton of challenges I'd like to play, so hopefully that will happen soon. :)

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  1. I like seeing what you've got from the deep reaches of your stash. I remember shaped eyelets and how we had to have every shape ever. Then we came to our senses (and discovered brads). Fun stuff in your stash. Bunny bums!!! And assorted fun detritus...

  2. I like looking at your crafty stash! You have some neat stuff there! I want to keep looking at it!

  3. It's a real pain sorting through your schtuff and finding a home for it, but you will feel so liberated (or is that just me lol) when the job is done, honest! I have the same problem trying to find things, just this week I wanted to use a picture card that has been kicking round my craft room for a long time, last week I finally tidied it away but can I remember where I put it NO! ahhhh! Loving the sock monkey brads. Lottie # 78

  4. When you are having a sort out, do you find things you forgot you had? or worse things you have gone and bought 2 of!

  5. You have some really cool stuff!! LOVE the idea of sock monkey brads - too, too cool! :D Have a great week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  6. Wow, lots of weird and wonderful bits and bobs there :D I'm due to do my January purge when it warms up a bit :P I wonder what I'll find!

    Carmen x #53

  7. Wow you really have a lot of interesting stuff in your stash. Do you use all that? The eyelets draw my attention, just crious what you use them for.
    Gabriele 23

  8. So this post makes me feel a tiny bit better about my stash. It took me a full week to clean up my craft room for the Super Bowl party!

  9. Lots of fun toys. Love the hardware pieces. That one looks like a hacksaw. Hmmm interesting. I thought I was the only one still working with brads and eyelets. Fun stash! Creative Blessings! Kelly #83


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