Friday, February 20, 2015

Losing Ten Pounds

I was wandering aimlessly about in the craft room today, trying to get some mojo, when I spied one of my irreverent sentiments, and I got an idea.  I made this:

RIGHT?!?!?! The sentiment source is a mystery as the wood block is unlabeled. The lady is from Riley & Co.

I started with the current Sweet Sunday Sketch:

but the circle morphed into a corner piece somewhere along the way, after which I needed to add that tiny banner to balance things. Okay, maybe it's not like that sketch at all, but that's where I started.

In other news, I'm attending an all-day crop tomorrow. Well, I am if we don't get snowed in. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll have a clue by then of what I should pack. Maybe.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. He he that's awesome. I loved that lady stamp so much I had to buy it. And a few of her friends :)
    Fab snarky card :)

  2. Fun card. Here's hoping you do not get snowed in and can enjoy your crafty/cropping day. If you do get snowed in, Barb Ghig is hosting a HA scramble tomorrow at 2 I believe.

  3. LOL! I'll have to agree with that sentiment! Cute, cute card.

  4. Ahh, that's a good one, and I'd love to lose 50 pounds that way! Great idea for a fun card!

  5. Fun sentiment Leslie and great design.

    Hugs diane


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