Friday, February 13, 2015

From One Ice Hole To Another

I must say I do love that sentiment: From One Ice Hole To Another. I think it's from a Hambo digital image I have, but I rarely use digital images any more.

I just posted a card I made for the current Jingle Belles challenge to use washi tape, using the current Colours & Sketches sketch:

That card was my second attempt. I'd first made a panel with the same washi tape, but didn't put the yellow between the rows of red and green. Here's the card I made using that panel:

I'm quite proud of this card, for a few reasons. First, I opened and used some penguin stickers I NEEDED. No, I don't remember where I got them. Second, I remembered I owned an oval stamp and I used it to make an ice rink, or maybe it's a frozen lake. And lastly, I figured out how to change the tape in my Dymo labeler so I could use the red tape I bought eons ago. Go, me.

Because I'm allergic to white space, I sponged in some clouds over the little penguin dudes. You can maybe see them here:

It's just enough blue so it's not all white. I itch less this way.

Oh, here's a side-by-each of the two washi panels (okay, it's the full cards, but please notice the difference with the tapes):

I think I like the one with the extra rows of yellow better, but they are still both fine.

I'm off to link up! I might have to make another card or two this weekend using washi tape. We'll see. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: MME red washi tape, Pick Your Plum green washi tape (man, that stuff is oooooold), Little B yellow bamboo-ish washi tape, A Muse cloud dies, A Muse Skinny Oval, Jolee's Boutique Holiday Penguins, and the following:


  1. This is adorable! Fun idea for the lake!

  2. This is adorable! Fun idea for the lake!

  3. So much to steal, I mean CASE, here -- the gorgeous washi pattern, the cute little penguin scene, and THAT SENTIMENT!

  4. Love this one too ... super-fun sentiment ... you are wishi-licious.

  5. Cute, cute card! Love the way you did the washi tape on here and the little penguins are way too cute. The sentiment is SO FUN! Love it.

  6. Awesome design! I've been using my hoard of washi tape lately too - I might just have to CASE this design! The penguins look adorable! Love the fun sentiment! The snowman is cute too!

  7. Ha Ha! Now that's a funny sentiment for someone who ice fishes! LOL Both cards are so cute and punny, and what a great use of washi tape too!

  8. Loving those cheeky little penguins & sentiment. Thanks for using the sketch from CC&S again.

  9. I'm proud of you also. You have a lot of things to have going on here to come up with these darling cards. Love those penguins and both sentiments are hilarious. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Cute, cute, cute cards. Love them darling little penguins.
    They are absolutely adorable.

  11. That sentiment. Oh, that sentiment!!! The cheeky sense of humor is right up my alley! You're on a roll here, Leslie! The penguins are darling, too. Thanks so much for sharing both of your cards with us at CC&S! :) I always enjoy seeing what you create.

  12. I love this card too! I know what you mean about white space - i rarely use it and my sample feels pretty naked and bare. Love your oval ice pond, and I especially love that you are busting out your unused stash. Awesome participation. Can't wait to see what else you do :)

  13. So jealous of your washi skills...I like them both!

  14. Hi Leslie Hanna!

    I couldn't help but get a lot of chuckles out of this post, it is just full of the most adorable of designs and silly comments, it just explodes out at you in all the right ways!
    Big props for creating something unique and for figuring out how to change the tape, hopefully next time will be easier for you ;)

    With the best and warmest regards,
    Jesper K

  15. Love the cute little penguin stickers on this card and the way you've stamped the frozen lake but, like you, I think I prefer the card with the extra yellow lines. I think it's because it appeals to my sense of order! Stef x

  16. oh HOLY WOW! ok, see, i still love the first card, but this one is ♥AWESOME♥ too! i really feel like i love them equally, but in different ways! on this one the clouds and ice rink and penguins soooo totally set the scene; and i really like the variation with the tapes... you wouldn't think just changing the repeat and using less yellow would make it THAT DIFFERENT, but it does! that's pretty cool to see them side by side! YOWZA! it's a washi masterclass over here, missus!!! ♥♥♥

  17. Great gobs fire! Great use of the washi on these cards. Was it a bitch to line them up? It's okay to admit that it was. It isn't okay to tell me it wasn't and I really mean the point where they intersect... Anyway sweet card! Fun greeting! Go Dymo! I picked up my dad's old cast iron one but it doesn't work for diddly. Very disappointing. Plus I picked up all his tapes out of his garage. Box labeled 1973. Nope, they don't stick at all.


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