Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SOS #187: Gettin' Inky

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Gettin' Inky, and we'd like you to use your oldest ink.

This one was easy for me, since I tend to procrastinate necessary tasks. I have a cabinet in my craft room annex I'm supposed to empty out since I'm giving it away, but I haven't yet. One of the drawers of said cabinet is filled with all my old-don't-use-them-much-any-more inks that I haven't figured out how to re-home in my new craft room storage arrangement. So, I opened the ink drawer and spied my collection of Fabrico and Encore inks. So many from which to choose! I opted for the Encore Ultimate Metallic ink pad, which is a rainbow, and I used it with a sentiment to make this:

I stamped the sentiment with the Encore ink and clear embossed it. Then I went to work on the background. I smooshed some Distress Tattered Rose ink onto my craft mat, and mixed in some white embossing paste. I then spread that through a heart stencil and set it aside to dry.

Once it was dry, I trimmed the panel, rounded the corners, and put it onto a light purple Hero Arts card base, then mounted the sentiment over it with foam squares.

The sentiment is actually shiny, see:

The rainbow ink goes from purple to light purple to blue to green. It's very pretty, and I really should use it more.

So, I think you should go dig up some old, unloved ink and play along with us over at Shopping Our Stash. :)

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  1. oh wow, that's cool, i've never seen a metallic ink pad like that, which is hard to believe since it looks SO AWESOME!!! (i love the embossing paste hearts, too, the soft tint really makes them look amazing!) ♥

  2. Love those hearts, and the embossed sentiment is fun in its color variations.

  3. When I saw the challenge I started thinking about inks. I'm not an ink person so if I don't use it I don't keep it... except for some reason I have a really old Top Boss embossing pad still. That's old! Maybe I'll play along except for I hate embossing-ugh. Love the embossed shimmery greeting on your card.

  4. Love the hearts folder, and the embossed sentiment awesome job.

  5. Love the multi colour ink...I had a few ink pads like that...whatever did I do with them???

  6. That ink pad is awesome! HOW does it keep the different colors separate? Nosy minds NEED to know! I love the simplicity of your card - the pink embossing paste hearts with the sentiment. Perfect!

  7. That ink is beautiful! And so is the card :)


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