Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just Playing

I have one last group of cards I made last weekend during my play date.  Here's one of them, then I'll explain:

While wandering around my pal's craft space, I spied a Maya Road (I think) stamp set of a bunch of eye charts. This is the birthday one. I stamped them all on white and cut them out, then stared at them for a while.

My pal mentioned when she used the set many moons ago she CASEd someone's idea to run some washi tape across the front of the card, then anchor it with the eye chart. If it's good enough to CASE once, it's good enough to CASE twice, so I did!

I had a stack of unopened gold & black washi tape, so I opened it and used it. I left the arrow piece alone, but trimmed down the other two patterns.

I did the same thing with the other eye charts:

Kinda fun! There was also a Love eye chart, but I wanted to do that one in red, then I got lazy and just stopped where I was.

I'm all done sharing my crafty play date cards. Hopefully I'll find some mojo and have something else to share later this week. :)

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  1. I'm sure glad you had that nice play date because we got to see some fabulous cards from that date this week. I like this set of cards because I worked for an ophthalmologist for the last 15 years until I retired for good this year. Have a fun day.

  2. These cards are so cool. I haven't seen the eye chart stamps before and I love what you've done with them.

  3. Those eye charts are fun and your cards are very nifty. Go washi tape!


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