Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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THANK YOU to all who played my third sketch challenge! I continue to be humbled by your support. xoxo

Here are my top picks for April. The winner is Maura, with this card:

There's something about those colors that pulled me in.

And the two runners-up are Kathy:

I liked the pretty combination of papers (even if they are gah pink), and the fact that she used a cool coin, which I may also have hoarded.

and Lauren:

who has the insane ability to put 10 pounds of stuff on a card and make it all look like it's meant to be there. I bow down to her daily.

Congratulations, ladies! Feel free to grab your badge from the CSSC Rules & Badges page, and display it proudly on your blog. You've earned it!

And Maura, please email me (link on the right) to select your ink colors!

I'll be back on the first with a new sketch!

Thanks, again, for your support! xo


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for picking my card!! I really enjoyed the sketch- so many possibilities, my favorite kind of sketch. Congrats to Kathy and Lauren too!

  2. These are all wonderful card! Indeed the colors of Maura's card are YUMMY! And I laughed at the '10 pounds of stuff on a card and make it look like it belongs there' comment. Very true. And how does that oriental paper and that oriental girl match??!!!

  3. These are gorgeous! Congratulations, everyone!

  4. Wow, great choices! And watch out, I'm on a sketch challenge run! ;)

  5. oof! how did i miss this the other day? well, luckily i saw it now when i hopped over to see the *NEW* sketch which is awesome! meanwhile, ta v much for the shout out, i loved making that tag (which... doesn't quiiiiiiite way 10lbs... but it's definitely HEAVY, lol) and i can tell you that it is 900% cooler than the idea that was in my head before i saw your awesome sketch! congrats to maura and kathy, as well, i LOVE to see everyone's take... so much variety! ♥♥♥


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