Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Organization Fall-out

Funny thing when you organize ... it actually creates work. I mean, I had this box of ignored and unloved stamps because they were all tiny and out-of-the-way and I just never looked at them much. Once I put them all into larger and similar-sized envelopes, I got to touch and feel them, and remember them fondly.

As part of the next step: to put them away with their other more-loved brethren and sistren, I kept out a few to use. I KNOW, right?!?!

Here's one sentiment set that got used:

heh heh I had to pair the sentiment with my Stampers Anonymous ladies ... just had to. The papers were all pieces from my Fancy Pants True Friends 6x6 paper pack.

Here's another stamp that got used before it was filed:

It's an adorable bunny butt from Verve, and it screamed for a wobble, so who was I to argue? For the contrasting circle, I used a piece of green card stock that was sitting on my desk, selected a pale grey background piece of paper, stamped the bunny in Memento London Fog, and colored it with a Copic. I also opened and used a bunny tail fluff thing. Go, me. The thing really does wobble. :)

Now those two sets have been filed, and I'll hopefully see and use them more now. A girl can dream.

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  1. These are so fun! Love them.

  2. That bunny butt is just the cutest thing. As for the other card, go you, super friend.

  3. I'm so jealous that you have the self-discipline to actually make awesome cards like these from "found" items discovered in the reorg process, Leslie. I usually just look at them, turn them over this way and that and think, "What a shame this isn't getting any love!" and then promptly put it wherever I've "deemed" it is go and then a few years pass and I do it all over again! You inspire me!! Enjoy the weekend!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. So glad you organized, these are fun fun fun cards!

  5. Brilliant cards! They both made me giggle!
    Dawn xx

  6. HA! both of those are awesome, tho a dimensional and wobbly bunny butt avec lifelike fuzzy tail is obviously going to trump pretty much ANYTHING, lol!!! love these, missus! :)

  7. Well, yes... organization begets work. *sigh* But hopefully it was fun work. I find that organizing often really sparks my creativity.... like I'll see something I'm putting away and think, "I can do X with that!" Of course later I can't think of anything to do with it. LOVE this card. The greeting is a SCREAM!

  8. I meant the friend card, not the bunny butt, but that's really cool too.... and has given me the idea on how to use wobbles with small images--like you did here. That was a real lightbulb moment to see that.


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