Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SOS #197: Lost & Found

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge over at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Lost & Found, and we'd like you to use something you've re-discovered in your craft area. It could be something you'd lost, or it could be something you'd just forgotten you owned. Come on, tell me that hasn't happened to you. :)

In my case, I was in a mood to organize some of my not-put-away-yet stamp sets, and along the way I rediscovered this tiny set, and used it to make my card:

It only has the two stamps: the doctor and the sentiment.  I love to color him all traditional, with a navy blazer and khakis.

I also wanted to give him coke-bottle glasses, and it got a little out of hand. I squirted a bit of Glossy Accents on some scrap paper, then took a tooth pick to apply it to his lenses. It might have blobbed a bit, and in real life, I'm pretty sure these glasses would slide right off his face:

I'm happy to report I did get through all my stamps, and they are all put away, in sleeves. One of these days I'll reveal my work-in-progress stamp storage. So far it's working, even though I might have had to expand it a bit beyond my original plan. I'll know it's really working when I can go straight to a stamp set and not spend an hour looking for it.

So, have you rediscovered anything in your craft room lately? I think you should use it and play along with SOS this week.

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  1. LOL that poor dude has really bad eyesight...but the glasses totally work for him
    I love that stamp...and I concur with the sentiment!!

  2. I remember that stamp set. I have is somewhere in my stash as well. Great job on the coloring and the glasses.

  3. Super cute image and love the glasses, doesn't take much to go overboard with the paper glaze.and hooray for chocolate!!Fabulous job. btw love CSSC #3 although I took a bit of a liberty with it.

  4. I have all of this little series of stamps and don't know why I don't use them more. I love the way you coloured him. Just perfect. So cute.

  5. holy wow, creativity AND the virtue of organization?! that's kind of almost too much AWESOME for one woman, lol! ps: looooooooooooooooove this card, those stamps are FAB! pss: before lasik surgery, LHJ seriously wore glasses like that!!! :)

  6. Another fabulous CAS design and the detail of the glasses is awesome. I have a love hate relationship with GA, mine probably would have ended up on his head somewhere. Very creative and very nicely executed! Can't wait to see your storage system!

  7. You actually stored stamps away? Are you sick? Let me feel your forehead for a fever. ;)

    BTW, this card is all sorts of awesome. LOVE that doctor dude and his coke bottle glasses. That sentiment is oh so true! LOL!

  8. I got the email from SOS about the latest challenge. I seem to keep "discovering" the same bits over and over. One might think that would encourage me to put them away but one would be wrong. I used to have this doctor stamp, he's a hoot. I like his coke bottle glasses. He seems the type I could tell all my problems to.

  9. This is brilliant! I think you got the Glossy Accents just right. :D Love the stamp set and the card!

  10. The coke bottle glasses are truly perfect - I don't care how heavy they'd be IRL, they're awesome. And so is this sentiment.


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