Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jingle Belles Rock - Buttons!

The current Jingle Belles Rock challenge is All Buttoned Up, where they ask us to use buttons (or brads or eyelets) on a card. Duuude, I still had my Figgy Pudding papers out, so I made this:

I used this sketch from The Sweetest Thing:

and it all just came together. I layered all the parts-is-parts with Cherry Cobbler card stock and it's on a Naturals White base. Aaaaaaand, I used three of my "big a$$" buttons, to boot! I overcame the "where do I put a sentiment" issue by using my trusty Dymo labeler again.

I think I'll go design my one remaining stamp carving assignment: a word. Then I'll be all caught up! Until the next lesson on Thursday. LOTS of time ...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is such a fun Christmas card - I love the big buttons and the way you used your Dymo labeler for the sentiment. Very cute!

  2. How awesome are those big bold buttons ... a rockin' holiday card ... so glad you joined our jingle belles fun ... can't wait to see you using those carved stamps.

  3. Nice combination of patterns and I love your big a$$ buttons. I also like your carved damask design from your last post!

  4. oof yes, those are indeed buttons of a substantial size... but then THAT is exactly why they work perrrrrrfectly for this! and a big "OH YEAH" to said dymo labeller for savin' the day AGAIN; mine is never far from my side* for exactly that reason!!!!!! well done missus, this is beautiful AND cool AND a great take on both prompt and sketch! HOME RUN! ♥

    *whilst crafting, i mean. i don't carry it around with me whilst engaged in civilian activities or anything. i think that might be a bit much, on, say, a picnic or something. :) :) :)

  5. Do you think I will actually do one of these challenges this year? It's like on my stampy bucket list :)

    I'm eeered since Google added two spam words :-/

  6. LOL, I love your big a$$ buttons too! I really need to get me a Dymo labeler! :)

  7. Great card. I like the paper, I still have some too, I'm a hoarder!


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