Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another CASE

Vacation is a wonderful thing - I can create in the middle of the day! I saw this card and wanted to make a version of it for my June Stamp Camps. This is what I ended up with (so far - not sure I'm done yet):

I thought about making the bird's beak black, but failed in the execution. I tried about 7 different ways to fake the scallop square (a die I do not own), and I ended up scrapping the whole idea and just using this corner punch. BUT, I have a little secret: (shhhh - don't tell anyone) Those punched corners are separate pieces that I stuck on after-the-fact. Yep! Three of my six failed attempts were mucking with that corner punch and the accompanying edge punch. I ended up layering the Olive onto a Black piece, then I cut out the punched corners from a separate piece of black card stock and just lined them up in the corners of the layered piece. Soooo much easier. I may make another one and remember to take a picture of what I did. (I really do need to fire the photographer...)

Other changes in my version: I changed the orientation from landscape to portrait, colored in the leaves with a blender pen and Old Olive ink, and left off the sentiment. I may go back and add a sentiment later ... maybe.

Lessee, what else is going on ... not much. I've been working on cards for the market - you know: to sell. I hope to take some pics and show you some of those later this week.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I saw Di's version of that card too and thought CASE!!!
    I just bought the square scalloped die...you NEED it :-)
    I do love what you did with the corners...great idea!!!
    I think I would not colour the leaves...it takes away from the Toile look? JMHO...and you can tell me to biug off any time LOL!

  2. This is beautiful, Leslie! Your gals will be thrilled. I like the few leaves you colored. I wouldn't do much more...maybe one flower?

    I don't know...I think less is more.


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