Saturday, May 15, 2010

Market Update

It was another glorious day for today's market:

It was in the 70s, sunny, breezy ... just delightful. I wasn't so sure what to expect today after Friday's market, where it was hot and humid and blech. Thought I was gonna die, and it's MAY. MAY, people. It felt like August yesterday.

But today was glorious. When I arrived I was slammed with Eau du Strawberries, big time!

Farmer Mike said he doesn't even smell them any more. Seriously. I got to sit next to this all day!

We also had plants ... lots of plants. These are yellow squash:

Farmer Mike said even if *I* bought these, I'd get at least two squash off the plant before I killed it. har har har

And we had maters:

... and did you know aloe plants flower? Lookie:

This is a Cockscomb plant:

Maybe it's even a Giant Cockscomb plant. I wasn't paying attention. When it grows up, its flowers look like this:

This is what only one looks like:

... which may be why it's called GIANT cockscomb. Ya think?

One of the other farmers had apples:

... and almost everyone had one but me. Nope. I had one of these instead:

This was a cookie, and that's a quarter next to it for perspective. Mmmm-hmmm. When I pointed to it in the case, the bakery person said, "Oh, this one, made of butter and flour, topped with sugar?" Why yes, please! Sooo yummy.

Moving on ... the rock lady had these cute little chipmunks today:

... and then she sold them all. Quite popular little critters!

Ready for the doggie parade? Here we go!

Here's Gizmo (stinkin' cute):

What do you think this next guy is? Beagle? Hound? (I took the pic on the sly, even though the dog was looking right at me ... BUSTED!)

This, my dear readers, is a Bouvier:

BIG dog. And this next little lady is a Sheba Inu:

She is 9, and she still looks like a puppy, which is why they got her. SO cute.

Then there was this guy:

I think this one is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. If not, one of the other ones was, and the pic was too fuzzy to share with you.

Then there was this guy:

We heard him before we saw him. This guy was loud, but so friendly. He just didn't like not being in the middle of everything. And after several tries, this is all he would give me for my photo op.

If any of you read The Pioneer Woman, you know they have a ranch Basset hound named Charlie, and Ree says his feet smell like Fritos. So of course, I had to ask if THIS dog's feet smell like Fritos, to which they replied his whole BODY smells like Fritos.

We had a Jack Russell:

Yeah, she had to hold him to keep him still enough for me. (She has a nice pedi, non?) She and this doggie go on a 45-minute walk every morning. She was telling me this as I was munching on my 43545 calorie cookie. Sigh.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite dog of all time showed up:

What a gorgeous creature!

So that's it for the market. I'm officially on vacation now for a week, and I have one or two things planned, starting with an Oriole's game tomorrow. I sure hope it's as nice as it was today.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. bought a cookie....what else? Did you dine on strawberries? Munch on an apple? Arrange some flowers? Buy a bulldog? Adopt a chipmunk?

    Looks like a great day for the market! Hope you sold out!


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