Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Monday

I have several little bits to share tonight, so I thought I'd call this a Random Monday post. Here we go!

1. An irreverent card. Yep, it was time.

In my continuing attempts to prevent expansion in the area of the Scrap Heaplet, I am chipping away at the beast, two cards at a time. This sentiment cracks me up, so it is the star of the show - not a lot of embellishment needed. The DSP is some retired Juntos paper from the 2009 SU Spanish supplement. I used Artichoke card stock as an accent for the sentiment, Artichoke ribbon (gots to have ribbon!), and the base is Sahara Sand.

Two more down, and a bazillion to go. I re-discovered most of my irreverent stamps while looking for this one, so the ideas are churning. It's all about the baby steps.

2. I took a class! I did! The infamous Claudine Hellmuth taught a techniques class at Angela's this weekend, and I got into the Sunday class. Isn't she cute?

And she is just as sweet as she looks! We got to play with all sorts of paints and mediums and papers (including her sticky-back canvas that I already own and now I have a clue how to use it). I was covered in paint from the first project, and loved every minute of it.

We made a Technique Tag book - one tag for each of 14 different techniques. Each tag had the finished sample stuck to the front, and the directions were cut out and stuck to the back. It is a good plan for old people, such as myself, who can't remember what they had for breakfast, much less which products were applied in which order for each of 14 samples.

BR #2 attended the same class. Please keep in mind that BR #2 has been stamping since Shep was a pup, so while she learns (or revisits) techniques, she tends to get easily distracted. Here she had removed all the strings from her technique tags and colored them:

She had to warn the woman next to her to just look away and not be alarmed by what was happening at the station next to her ... it had nothing to do with what the rest of us were doing. In all fairness, though, BR #2 has taught me to step outside the box a bit. You see, in addition to attaching the sample to the front of the tag and the instructions to the back of the tag, BR #2 distressed the tag itself. It was plain, and we can't have that, can we?! *just look away ... nothing to see here ...* I did "finish" a few of my tags, too. :-)

Here is my almost-finished tag book:

That project on the left is not quite done, as I selected an optional project that required drying time, so I had to take it home and finish it later. It's not 'later' yet. (leave me alone)

I bought a bunch of paints, and once I figure out where in the world I'm gonna set up a paint station, I'll play.

3. The branding (biz, not cattle) continues. I ordered some signage for my booth. Lookie:

I thought it came with grommets for hanging, but it didn't. Not a problem. I have grommets. LOTS of them. In many sizes. I love this sign!

I also got a few sheets of these coordinating stickers:

I plan to stick them on the teal-colored merchandise bags I use. MUCH easier than printing my own on those gold address labels. And more professional-looking, I think. I can also use them to hold the back of the tissue paper I use to wrap my etsy sales. Yay!

AND, I have wanted one of these for years, but never got around to having one made:

I use cheapo Staples sales books, and this will let me stamp something identifying on each receipt. About time, huh?

AAAAAND, I finally got around to redirecting my domain names so they all point to my etsy shop. Now all I need to do is list something new once in a while. ;/

4. No Farmers Market update this week. Nope. I played hooky. ;-) Not to worry - I'll get all caught up next weekend.

That's it for now. I hope to have another June Stamp Camp card finished by tomorrow so I'll have something to show you. Until then, I leave you with this:

THE best ice cream on the planet. Run, don't walk, to your local grocery store, and get some. If you live near me, the Get of Tar in Rio carries several flavors. M-m-m-m-m!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG - first of all - Love Ms. Claudine and I'm so jealous I can hardly speak!!

    Two - your branding - AMAZING!! I love your banner!! You are all uber pro!!

    And I reallllllly want some ice cream! :)


  2. Woah - you're getting real professional. I'm impressed.

  3. Wow your banner and other branding media are awesome.
    Your technique tag book looks just the way Claudine would have expected it to's just perfect.
    And you are so skilled at photo cropping. (Thank you for showing just the right edge of me) Whew!
    Otherwise I would have had to blow up your blog.
    Came home from the class and showed DH what I had done....He said
    "70 bucks for that??!!"
    I said..."no....this was free...70 bucks was for a day away from the office"

  4. I am so jealous too! Claudine is fabulous and everything you did is wonderful. Color me Green Pea!

  5. great to see you in class and not just in the twitter-verse!!!


  6. oh the crooked stamper stuff is just GORGEOUS...really really great. for a big craft show you should get a fake tree and hang cards from it to draw out that theme even more or at least some branches or something (yeah yeah, how to get it there...details details)
    and now of course i will have to eat this ice cream b/c you told me to.

  7. Lucky you and the Claudine class!

    LOVE your banner - and stickers too. Way to go, Idaho!

  8. Cool! You took the class with my friends Amy Sheffer & Chris Rickert! Chris shared the techniques with me last week. Cool stuff.


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