Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks For All The Fish

Remember this guy from my last post?

Well, I had my math wrong (and Math used to be my strong suit ... go figure). It turns out I only used 4 sentiments from the set, so I made 3 of each one for a total of 12. Whatever. I just got done cutting out all the fish, and are my arms tired! Whew-ee! When you write too much, you get "writer's cramp", so when you cut too much do you get "cutter's cramp"? Inquiring minds want to know!

Here are the other versions of this card:

And because my mind wandered while doing all that cutting, and because I found I had stamped an extra fish, I had to do this:

(heh heh) Belly up!
* Cod and cod sentiments by River City Rubber Works.

Then I moved on to the two baby cards I had planned. I made these from scraps of PTI's baby papers from a bazillion years ago.

Notice that interestingly-placed green ribbon? Uh-huh. Remember Rule #1 in stamping: There are no mistakes in stamping, only opportunities for embellishment. So when I saw I'd schmeared black ink on the front of the card, something had to be done. It was too poorly placed to add any sort of actual embellishment like a button, so I decided to wrap some ribbon through a slit and make it look like I meant to do that (which, by the way, is a phrase every beginning stamper must learn.)

And so even though I didn't schmear ink on the other one, I felt compelled to add ribbon to it, too:

*T-shirt stamp by Hero Arts. Baby sentiment by Outlines.

Not bad for one hour's work, huh? Well, it was all prepped yesterday; today was just cutting and assembly. I just need to finish the bagging & tagging part, then move on. I have an idea for card #4 for my June Stamp Camps, so maybe I'll actually make it this weekend. I also want to re-stock my magnets, so this long weekend will be most welcome.

In other news, one of my cards was featured in an etsy treasury today! YAY! That was such a rush! Here's the treasury (not sure how long it will stay active.)

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  1. HA - love the dead cod. You're twisted.

  2. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD! To your Get Well Cod. Funny Stuff!


  3. All of the cards (&cods) are adorable! My personal fave is the belly up cod...only you, my friend, are clever enough to think of that! That HA shirt on a hangar I adorable. I think I need that stamp...


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