Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sag, You're It

I'm baaaaack, and with a little irreverence. As much as I like making cards in general, these snarky ones tend to give me the biggest charge:

I love that I can make her say anything I want to! And I also love that all of these papers came from the Scrap Heaplet. I made three of these tonight, so now I have something new for this weekend's market. Yay!

I had my Stamp Camps this past weekend, and we had an R-Rated moment I need to share with the blogosphere because it was SO FUNNY. Remember this card:

The Ladies were making paper flowers out of junk mail (which I asked them to bring since I'd recycled all of mine), when I heard a whoot and a few guffaws, and one of The Ladies held this up:

ACK! OMG, she wanted the blue from the bra advertisement, and after she'd punched it out ... well, we were all laughing over it. It was pretty funny!

And, as usual, The Ladies did me proud. I love it when they take one of my ideas and change it up a little. Remember this card:

While my twine is a little too loose (okay, a lot too loose), one of The Ladies pulled her twine a little too tight and it tore the edge of the card. Sooo, we took a scrap of the Kraft card stock, cut a strip off, covered the boo-boo edge, and she ended up with this:

Also notice her Kraft squares are actually stuck to her card and also straight. Thank goodness my samples are merely serving suggestions, and they can translate the idea into a better reality. Some of the other ladies liked this so much, they added the Kraft strip on purpose.

By Monday night's session, Kitty was in need of attention. In all the years I've been playing with ink and ribbon, she has never, ever, ever stepped in ink or gotten any on her. And she has yet to run away with any of my schtuff. But Monday, she needed to be in the middle of things, so she did this:

She is sitting on an inked stencil, and I was sure she had a pink bottom, but she lucked out and the inky side was face-down. We think she wanted to be near the light. It's pretty warm.

In other news, I am in a panic because I am having a house guest and I have no room for my stuff much less a suitcase and another person. It's interesting how one looks at their abode differently if they think in terms of someone else having to see it. Stamping is not a neat or compact hobby. This should be interesting.

At least we have several outings planned, so I will leave the house a few times and take pics to share. I may even find time to stamp something. Could happen. :-)

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  1. I love that kraft card with the twine! Can I CASE it?

  2. your kitty is so beautiful. Love that saggy card....she's one of my favorites. And I hear ya about the "where to put a guest" panic. I found out there is going to be a surprise birthday party HERE !

  3. Love all the cards!!! Your ladies sounds like a hoot!!
    I think maybe kitty has been watching for so long she felt she could perhaps stamp a little card for you... :-)

  4. I thought I commented on this post...hmmm...

    "Sag you're it" is so very Leslie :) I am still chuckling over that card.

    TFS the mag cover...that cracked me up too.

    My fave is kitty supervising and the sympathy card! It is utterly brilliant. Gorgeous card, L!


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