Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using Old Stuff

Today I bring you a few cards from the heap o'stuff on the corner of my Captain's Table. This first one uses a card base with four embossed squares:

In the past, I've used the four panes to hold images, like baby t-shirts, but this time I had an idea. What started all of this was actually the "curtain", which I made several weeks ago, said, "meh", then added it to the pile o'stuff. I'd seen the balloon shade idea on Amy's blog (please admire her most-excellent execution of this idea), and thought I'd try it out. I think mine is booooooring, but then what isn't compared to Amy's creations? But I digress.

I was playing with my "stuff", and found the balloon shade fit the square card exactly, so it was kismet - it had to be done. I colored the four panes with a very light blue Copic marker to make them look like windows, then I stamped the two kitties and colored them with Copics. THEN I realized their tails would hang over the bottom of the card if I sat them on the window. Oh, well. It's ART, right? And I totally meant to do that.

Moving on ... the striped paper I used for the balloon shade came from a Scrappin' Kit I had cut into a bazillion pieces when I bought it many years ago. I'd rediscovered it in my cleansing of The Other Room in its conversion to The Captain's Quarters, and I've been looking at the bag of card parts long enough. The other day I went through it and salvaged a few card fronts that just needed bases to be complete.

And here they are:

These are definitely from my early days of stamping, but I still think they are fine. I'll probably use the remaining card parts in other ways, but these three will make it into my Farmers Market stash.

So how many of you have ever gone back to look at some of your earlier works? Remember when we thought we were hot stuff? :-) I may re-make these same cards in "today's style" and do a side-by-each comparison.

Right now, though, I need a nap. Vacation can be so utterly exhausting, ya know?

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  1. oh yeah, i try to not revisit my first attempts at card making unless I am wanting to some reality therapy... and reality is so over-rated IMO lol.

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  3. I need the kitty stamp..Where did you get it?? (I have the same pair of cats tattooed on my back-they are on a tree branch in front of a full moon!!!)

  4. I like your window idea. I saw Amy's card on her blog and I never even noticed the folded shade. She is brilliant. I have never succeeded in CASEing her.

    Yeah, I don't like my old stuff much. But hey, I don't always like my new stuff lol! I have an early card sitting at G'berry' just won't sell. I move it back and forth to each store, but no luck so far.


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