Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stampy Sunday - Installment #2

This is my second post for my Stampy Sunday. Make sure (if you haven't already) to read my first post from earlier today.

After my first round of minimalist cards, I tried one more. This effort started out innocently enough, then it went terribly wrong. I cut card stock for 6 card bases. Then I decided to break out another one of my Never Used stamp sets:

... and make a simple row of the three images across the center of the card. Like this:

Easy, right? Apparently not in MY world. I colored the first stamp with three markers: Gable Green, Green Galore and Garden Green, then stamped the image dead center on one of the cards. I messed up the second one by not stamping the whole image. I messed up the third one by getting ink on the card before I stamped the image. I was down to three. When I went to stamp the second image to the left of the first one, I misaligned it. Carp. I was down to two cards. I took out the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and lined up the image on the two remaining cards, then before I could stamp the third image I got ink on one of the cards. I was down to one, and you just saw it.

So my pack of 6 ended up being a single card and I decided to go crazy and add a sentiment. I like to live on the edge.

Well, I looked at my pile of new white scraps and decided to salvage the situation by making cards that needed something die-cut out of white. This is what came out:

I re-discovered my Talyored Expressions "Boys Will Be Boys" stamp set and used the tie image. I've made these before, but I sold my last one yesterday. By the way, why is it that boys and men are automatically associated with golf and camping and fishing and grilling? Maybe that's why it's so tough to make "guy" cards, especially for guys that don't do any of that stuff.

ANYway, I was very proud of these cards, because I also opened and used papers from three of my new Basic Grey 6x6 pads. The Basics Kraft + Basics White and the Basics Kraft + Basics Manila work so well together!

That first one is the White version (I made 3 white) and this is the Cream version (I made 2 cream):

The sentiment has been re-arranged to suit my needs. Here's the actual image:

I inked up the second line and stamped it 5 times, then I inked up the first two words of the first line and stamped it 5 times. THEN, I took my SU Bermuda Bay marker and wrote out the word 'tie' in cursive 5 times. Yeah, when I slow down, I can actually write like I was taught to write cursive back in aught six. I punched it out with the teeniest die of one of the Nesties Labels sets. So M.D., see? It DOES have a purpose! It is NOT too small!

Next up: I'm going to make a big ole pile of dragonfly magnets. It's time.

I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and that you are doing something fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cute cards! Love the ties. I did not know Taylor had those...I'll have to check them out. I usually see the scary cupcakes.


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