Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stampy Sunday - Installment #1

I have big plans to be stampy all day today and tomorrow, so I'll take breaks from stamping to relieve my neck and come here to show off what I've managed to accomplish.

First up: I'm still in minimalist mode, trying to make note cards with no sentiments or embellishments. It's killing me, but I'm trying. This one popped into my head last night:

And no, the card base is not blue, it's Vanilla. Really. Remember who the photographer is. I used the Baby Wipe technique with Gable Green, Green Galore and Garden Green re-inkers. I also used some of my hoarded Vanilla raised-edge note cards. Pretty soon I'm going to need to find a new source - my supply is dwindling.

Oh, that reminds me. Many years ago, when SU first discontinued these raised-edge note cards, BR #2 and I were trying to concoct a way for me to make them myself. All we needed was a way to dry-emboss a rectangle onto (into?) some card stock. Well, GUESS WHAT! Someone invented Nestabilities! HA! Now if I could just figure out how to accomplish this and make them come out straight, I might be okay.

Anyway, an added bonus for that leaf card is that I retrieved the stamp from my box of Bought But Never Used items. I inked it, I used it, I cleaned it, and I put it away.

Next up: More of those raised-edge note cards and two stamp sets I had to have but have used maybe once. Here's the cat version:

... and the dog version:

Once again, those are VANILLA note cards. They are NOT BLUE! I also opened and used my Tea Dye Ranger Distress Ink. Wow, man, I'm on a roll.

That's it for my first installment. I have more stuff in the pipeline, and I'll feed it to you throughout the day as my neck needs a break. Right now BR #2 is on her way over. Lord knows what we'll get into.

Thanks for stopping by!

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